Sunday, July 11, 2010

Elemental Surprise

The element in “element of surprise” is, as it actually suggests, an elemental factor in hyping up what is to be open to the elements. Too much elements? Exactly the point. Or (quite apt) exactly the element… Stirring some suspense for an anticipated revelation further intensifies excitement. ‘Teasers’ for one is an element. It drives curiosity to keep track until it’s satisfied.

Satisfaction however should have a sustainable touch that would allow for a possible carry-over.

The now former Cavalier LeBron James’ recent “The Decision” created quite a stir that made headlines as much as headaches. The group responsible for such hoopla did well in having it hyped as they have probably expected. However, the manner by which it was decided on how it is to take effect was not of a sound decision. It was noise. After which, it has created louder noise…

Sound and noise differ like that of marketing and business though complementary. The soundness of marketing basics is to be sounded off in tune with the clamoring-for-more that is expected of a business. That is how (business) noise should be as sound.

In LeBron’s case, people (especially those from Cleveland) were in an uproar. As it is, this is not good business as it affects one vital element of marketing – image. Attaining a business goal is not exactly achieving its (set of) objectives and most likely not realizing its vision. Image is the (business’) deemed notion among its benefactors that could either make or break it. Thus, sustainable developments are rather effectuated for continuity. The least we expect from supporters and sponsors alike is for them to lose confidence, consequently, shunning away from that of what the business holds for growth.

Unless you’re one selfish “businessman”, progression could be limited to a certain degree. Your self-absorbed actions could correspondingly absorb your resources that would either validate your selfishness or humble you not to be one as you could end up losing everything and not have a single thing to share. What LeBron needs now is another marketing element that is PR to ameliorate what is left to salvage if he’s even concerned of such. Prior to the entire ruckus, he was the top commodity in the market. He still is but to lose a considerable share of what makes him the top dog inches him closer to a lower level.

With the mixture of marketing elements, the regard for its correlation is (once again) elemental in any business plan. Coming up with a plan, (say) a promotion with all the resonance of ad campaigns to boost market value, it has to have an integration of the right apportionment of elements from the initial stages (not up to the end result but) up to the likely basis of a continuance. From a simple retail store for instance, one may have made substantial sales but to not able to assure the return of customers for some reason forgo of its sustenance.

Under the circumstance where LeBron is currently in, we understand how a ball bounces and roll. He’ll probably bounce back and will be on a roll. From 23, he will be donning number 6. 2 x 3 is 6. This could be an assist for an easy 2 till it’ll be multiplied by threefold towards 6 rings also. Or it could be some sort of integration where he could unify opposing views in relation to his surprising decision – The Decision.

We could only wait; perhaps for Dan Gilbert’s assumption on Cleveland’s championship before LeBron’s…

Until the next surprise. Until we are all witnesses.

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