Sunday, February 12, 2012

An Open Valentine’s Day Letter

Dear Joanne,


Or would you prefer “Dear Ms. Fallarme”?

Pardon the formality as calling you by what I’m used to would most likely spark off your sarcasm: “Don’t call me ‘Mommy’, I’m not your mother!” While in contrast, beginning this with “Dear Wifey” may well be spontaneous but would seem off. It’s after all a Valentine’s Day letter. Corny as it may sound, I think you rather want to be addressed as any of the more popular terms of endearment (you’re just in denial). Whereas “Spicy” as opposed to the usual “sweet” appellations and as I’ve considered you to be, directly aims to be (ironically) sweet; which isn’t the intention behind this. As a matter of fact, you don’t see me that way… or you simply find blandness in how I instinctively substantiate such “lovability”.

Anyway, I similarly don’t intend to draw a “What the hell?!” reaction given that it’s not the normal “Awww” (with all the likely emoticons attached to it) kind for such a letter. Thus, this “open letter” approach simply aims to be like any “feelings of love” that you want to “shout it out to the world”. The difference however is that I’m truthfully sounding this off realistically.

I don’t (nor will be impossible to) promise to give you the “moon or the stars”… I don’t even send tingles up your spine with the promise of forever. As a provider being your husband and the father of our children, at this time I can’t even get to give you some “wants”. Honestly speaking, for this Valentine’s Day expenses and all, I can’t even get you a decent (tangible) gift, therefore this letter (LOL).

It’s just in concurrence that I’m writing you this “love letter” coinciding with "your" Taylor Lautner’s birthday which could prompt you to claim this to be the birth as well of my “first ever” letter to you… Now the birthday boy’s (whose body you fantasize) matching initials could stand not just for True Love or perhaps “Twilight’s Lead” but (likewise the breaking dawn of) The Letter… Sadly though as I’ve just read, it’s also within the passing of Whitney Houston whose death as associated with goodbye could have you connect her song “I Will Always Love You” to what this letter seems to be suggestive of. Fact is that I’ll always do despite how you pessimistically relate your “doubt” to probable hints… Consequently this isn’t about letting go as expressed in the late Diva’s song.

Nevertheless, akin to the movie “The Vow” that we watched last night, “through thick or thin” is a pledge I considerably value. But more than that, it’s our feelings that I care-for more; variable feelings that mold our union. Quite repeatedly are times when we get into each other’s nerves yet with our perseverance (or my patience perhaps LOL), we manage to turn it into something that’s a critical part of our growth together. Not giving up on each other is a tended dynamic and correspondingly a reminder not to take each other for granted. My calling seems to be that of a “dog trainer” when you’re getting “bitchy”; whereas you’re the “whip” to my ass when I’m being such – Yeah say my name! (LOL!)

As we could self-attest, we’re incompatible. Somehow that’s what makes it work… In every clash as we get it on, I’m glad that we don’t get to turn it off. We may have our differences but there’s due acknowledgment towards our respective individuality. And ‘you’ being you, right this very moment or just along this line (as you read this), I could sense your impatience: “Get to the point!”; “We already know that, get to the point”; “What, no I-love-you”…

That’s it! I’ve had it! Geez!! I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

I still have so much to say… but you "cut me off"…

Sincerely (or “Love” ~ whatever),

Who else duh?


phatelara said...

I have to say, Awwwww! This has to be the sweetest (definitely no way near corny) open Valentine's letter I've ever read! :) You guys are so awesome, your kids are awesome, and Ane, you know I'm not just saying it. Anyway, I wish you two all the love in the world. Happy early Valentine's Day! :)

rommel fallarme said...

Thank you Ms.Debbie. Happy Valentine's Day as well.:)

Anonymous said...

that made me smile you guys have an awesome valentines day....o and ill marry you bro!