Monday, October 20, 2008

Growing up without the 'i' and 'g'

One way or another, all adults have gone through the stage of growing up. Either it was a time worth the experience or otherwise, it's a significant life's segment relative to that of what molds our character as much as what seasons our being.

Fact of the matter is that growing up is a nonstop process or so should it be. Regardless of how old or seasoned we are, we continue to learn. That's where maturity comes in. We grasp to accept new developments and knowledgeable enough to adapt to it. After all, as they say and as apparent as it is, change is the only constant thing there is. In understanding so, we set aside pride as well as the authoritative approach in dealing with variations.

Taking it from the title of this article for instance, the 'I' and 'G' being referred to could in effect stand for 'Important Gauge' (or even 'Invaluable Gains') in recognizing how considerable it is to acknowledge what we all have naturally gone through or even going through on our way to maturity.

Let us not exert our imposing grown up image over descendants as if they're expected to know better. One reason why we have passed through that awkward moment is for us to know how to guide our offspring in accordance with what is appropriate based on experience. Even if such knowledge is reckoned from the young, we all the same undergo progression. Quite reassuring would be our levelheadedness to realize that we don't know everything. It is only in ascertaining this 'IG' by which in substantially leaving it behind 'growInG up' phase, we also establish ourselves of truly gaining the credit to be considered a grown up. If not, "oh please (remove the 'N' as well and), GROW UP!"

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