Monday, October 27, 2008

Old's Cool

Being young, one is most likely to be accustomed with the in-thing. Most often than not, whatever is the trend is even humorously compared to that of what the current generation apparently deem as old-fashioned. Time will come when that 'thing' will as well turn out to be "... so 5 minutes ago!" True to such expression, time's fast and changing. What's up-to-the-minute as of the moment could be out-of-date in 5 minutes figuratively speaking. Although outdated, this part-of-the-past movingly becomes a reminder. Conversely, it is such an instance wherein realization sets in - "We're old!"

Yet somehow, upon realizing how outlandish we could be if some things from our past would be presently carried out, a bracing and comforting self-condemnation takes place ("Damn! I wore those stretchable skinny jeans?!"). There will be something new that could push what used to be the latest thing behind the times.

Behind yet advanced... Like wine that's seasoned to perfection, those who've been through several season changes are more likely to have a better perspective. Thus, a normal mockery out of being outmoded from an eventual 'oldie' should rather be paid no attention to if only for them to figure out they will as well get there. The cool thing about that is when they're finally there; they'll admittedly serve as your echo.

It's like a Volkswagen Beetle being passed through many times over by faster modern cars but its reliability has stood the test of time. It still gets its purpose done and maneuvers to one's destination. It also served (and still serves) to inspire in improving modern technology. Indeed, having been through the fast lane, it has been driven all the way to classic stature. It's a timeless work of art by which such distinction is paid tribute to it by subsequent generations.

Going towards an expected direction, learn to shift gears. Learn to turn left at the right time. The rear view mirror will likewise be purposeful to know where you're coming from.

In having to yield, you might just damagingly hit something should you suddenly step hard on the brake for moving too fast. Life isn't a race. It's a story wherein you have a timely role. Among the young who upon reaching maturity will perhaps realize that there's no better way in doing things than "old school". After all, old's cool.

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Shawie said...

my first car (i'm currently driving) is a green bug:) & i love it! why? because it stands out wherever you go, u can see Bentley,Mercedes,Lamborghini,or any other expensive car but a Beetle stands the sweeetest & very unique look & design...