Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grounded Stone

While walking along roads, standing still or just loitering somewhere, whether we're being observant with what's going on or simply oblivious of our surroundings, there are reasons for all that are moving about or that of what's stationed in its designated settings. The bird that just flew by, chancing upon your dream car perhaps, even those of our current state and including the stone on the ground, all have a purpose. Everything happen or exist for a reason. Did it ever occur to you that spending a few seconds of your time, let's say, picking up what seems to be a useless stone can actually make considerable changes on how your (or others') day will come to pass...

If the stone lying on the ground has life and a mind of its own, it could have picked-up itself to avoid being stepped-on or simply ignored but it doesn't have that capacity. If we're going to relate ourselves to that stone, most of us would like to change one or a few things concerning our conditions. A blind would probably wish he can see or a crippled man could be less unreasonable and exchange his crutches for a wheel chair instead. The ugly duckling, before turning into a beautiful swan, would have liked even just to be accepted. On top of it all, they could ask, why the misery. But then, that will ruin the essence of what we are suppose to understand as far as anyone's purpose is concerned. More so, the values that can be provided for by such imperfections. Or the inspiration it offers to attain our goals despite tall barriers.

If I were a subject of curious eyes due to an amputated leg for instance, it would be reassuring for me if there's even one normal person who would be appreciative of what he's got that of which I'm lacking. Instead of feeling sorry for me or worse be judgmental for I'm merely serving at least one purpose... It's not just about making lemonade out of a lemon, but rather understanding a more logical reason behind such 'disguised responsibility'. In addition, feeling helpless won't help. It's an 'uncompromising task' but there's gallantry compensating for your deficiency. Each and everyone were made differently; then again, one consummates the other. Strange however, anyone lacking an extremity completes another.

The same goes for 'beautiful swans' with difference to ill-fated and usually ridiculed "ugly ducklings". Beauty queens or good looking people are appreciated and should feel the same way towards themselves without criticizing others who doesn't have the kind of physical attributes they possess; for without the difference, they'll be as 'ordinary'. We are all special and serving a purpose, no matter what it is, we must remain 'grounded' yet ready for 'picking'.

As for the grounded stone, it's all rough and dirty, but when picked and thrown at a dog that's about to take a bite out of your leg, it would probably be enough to scare your attacker away. But if that stone was previously kicked out of the way... don't dwell on insecurity for losing a leg; the dog just acted on instinct or perhaps served a purpose for you to be more understanding and appreciative of what you can be like - a useful "grounded stone".

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