Sunday, November 30, 2008

Michael Forgot To Rock

“25 Minutes too late” would suitably be the song ‘Michael Learns To Rock’ (MLTR) fans could be singing in line with the cancellation of the band’s Baguio concert.
Furious ticket holders were aghast to have found out of the show’s cancellation on the last-minute. While it was scheduled for November 21, the announcement of its “postponement” was inadequately relayed on the same date. A lot of those who bought tickets were not even from Baguio, who, on the assumed day of the concert, excitedly came over for probably the “Sweetest Surprise” only to find out the sourness behind their enthusiasm. The day before could have even stirred their anticipation “When Tomorrow Comes”. Thus, finding out that their tickets were seemingly symbolic of a rain check instead, “The War Is Not Over” so it seemed as their enduring anger look as if “It’s Gonna Make Sense”. Why wouldn’t it be?
Reason for its cancellation weren’t even disclosed. Was it rather a case of “Michael Learns To Duck”? Are they justifying their song “Breaking The Rules”? Or was it a way for fans to come into terms with “I Walk This Road Alone”? Someone should have been considerate enough to release a statement or “Messages” like “Time For Changes” “Something You Should Know”, there is a “Shadow Side Of Me” “This Is Who I Am” “The Actor” but “I’m Gonna Come Back”… Yet, it seems “Out Of The Blue”, kaput! WHAT?!
Nevertheless, circumstances like this come about. Disappointments about occurrences like this is understandable, however, we have to look at it as it is - circumstantial. Should we start disliking a person or a thing for causing negativity, it would only be justifiable if it’s focused on them or that alone. Hence, ‘hating’ MLTR for what happened (what did not happen would be more apt) doesn’t change the fact that their music will still be played the same way. Meaning: Are they behind the aggravation (or perhaps the Producer)? The mere fact that we don’t know, let us be broadminded about it and possibly find out first as to why before passing on judgment or worse be subjective of the aversion for its entirety. If they’re really the culprit, then assess them as you wish but don’t irrationally convince yourself from also hating what has nothing to do with your disgust.
As for MLTR, the next time they’ll sing “That’s Why You Go Away” may it not be because it’s “The Loss Of A Friend” they sent away. Before “Michael Learns To Suck”, they should do “Something Right” and should not act as if they have “Nothing To Lose”. "You'll Never Know" "How Many Hours" from now your "Colours" might lose its luster. "Someday" come "Judgment Day" you're no longer "Hot To Handle" and you might not even have to "Take Off Your Clothes" for you to feel "Naked Like The Moon".
Let us not wait for the time when seeking for “Salvation”, it will not just be minutes late but with that of a different tune…

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