Sunday, November 23, 2008

Reality Check

It's funny when we tend to criticize a certain story, may it be a movie or TV drama perhaps, for its unrealistic plot. Whereas it makes critics out of us or pull the wool over our eyes, we seem to be unaware of our own life's unlikely story lines. Though it's realistic for us to assess these unbelievable movie themes, we become the opposite in dealing with our own "drama". There's partiality with our reasoning, very much the subject we tend to disapprove of. That's the truth, however reality bites.

Here are 5 reality check 'list':
  1. MOVIE: We approve (giggle) of two people falling in love with each other and having an affair despite both being attached to their respective "cruel" partners who end up as the anti-heroes we "hate" for being the hindrance to the two "in-love" characters as we assent to separation or what have you as long as they end up together. REALITY: Will we still feel the same way if the same scenario happens to us or a family having to be "dumped" for someone else?

  2. MOVIE: A faltering relationship, let's say, the girl has an intolerable attitude problem and to complicate things, both parties don't know she got pregnant until later; parting ensues. Chances are, realizing her shortcomings, the girl sets free the boy, moves on and hopes for the best... REALITY: The girl's parents would probably force the boy to marry their daughter to save face, or if not, they'll probably condemn the boy even if it's their daughter's fault. The girl will most likely feel she's the sufferer.

  3. MOVIE: "Romeo and Juliet", we hope they never had to go through such trying times... REALITY: Having a son like that of a "Romeo" or a Juliet-like daughter falling for someone you don't approve of, you'll probably give justice to the (parents) role if you were to play it.

  4. MOVIE: A girl is courted by quite a few "decent" suitors and we prefer the eventual victor for simply possessing unassuming qualities (because he's the lead actor?). REALITY: Whether a girl is choosing a would-be boyfriend from her suitors for herself; parents for their daughter; brother for his sister; friend for her girl friend; even children for their widowed/separated mother - we all have our "bets". We can be very discriminating at times (if not often).

  5. MOVIE: We understand how the main character's role changes from ungodly to worthy of being the hero. REALITY: We could be unsympathetic and less forgiving.
These are just a few of the many realities that make us "unrealistic" as to a great extent as respect, diplomacy, consideration, harmony, open-mindedness - a few principles we need in dealing with others. We may be the hero or heroine from our respective life stories but let us not be the antagonist to others but supporting... Ahh the 'dramatic comedy' of life.

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