Monday, November 17, 2008


Wonder how or why men try to boost up their ego when in denial of a failure? May it be from a relationship, a certain match-up with that of the same ‘breed’ perhaps or any of those things that did not allow them to meet what they believe is expected of them, much more from that of their own presumption. Somehow, men find ways to justify such letdown.

After a good boxing match-up for instance, assuming neither of the two pugilist kissed the canvass, the ‘defeated paw’ will claw back to glory by insisting that the decision should have been the other way around if it’s not because of too many objectionable reasons. While on the other hand, the victorious fighter, despite its swollen face would probably brag about not even having been bothered nor hurt by what he claims were ‘slight’ punches from, what the obvious thought, who roughly turned out to be such ‘a destructive force’ after all.

Of course, there are more challenging ego-busting issues that knock men out of what for them are the acceptable norm. What is apparently more serious though is when one’s ego is stepped-on with the involvement of the opposite sex; let’s say getting rejected. Yet, having been dumped isn’t as big a deal if not because of someone else. The advantage however is (“girls, listen to this”), a self-worth’s refusal for a comparison is reasonable since the similarity seems pointless over a done deal that actually emphasizes the difference between new and old.

The ‘new’ being favored and all, men will be men in giving justice to boosting up one’s ego. In the process, more often than not, instead of elevating their standards and their selling points to ‘new’ heights, they alienate themselves through denial making use of moving on as a means to forget, consequently, eluding maturity. There seems to be a rope fencing the state of nursing a broken heart from tending an ailing ego. Like boxing wherein the soothing-that-dejected-emotion condition is that of the cheers and jeers outside the ring pumping up your adrenaline. Whereas, the vindicating-a-crushed-ego circumstance is akin to taking chances of pounding simultaneously getting beaten within a very confined and centered area yet magnified as well as spotlighted in the middle of the whole arena with spectators as witnesses and judges. In augmenting a trodden ego, acceptance is a key. But then again, acting out acceptance behind a subliminal suppressed truth is likewise a way to enhance your package not necessarily a redeeming factor.

Developing self-esteem is awareness of one’s limitations, imperfections and capacity to say the least. More so, humility that acknowledges failure unlocks triumph in the eyes of who (or what) your ego is concerned about. Overcoming your weak points is a primary step that ensue success, winning the heart of who will regard you as winner no matter what; someone you’re probably counting on and even gaining the respect of those who have counted you out.

Some men are bound to rebound seemingly necessitated by a challenge while others do it as gentlemanly called for. Either way and as much as it’s a woman thing to complain how men could be so insensitive slugging it out with their counter egos despite being the usual cause behind man’s ego boosting – it’s a man thing…

“Are you ready to rumble?! Round one… TING!”

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