Sunday, December 21, 2008

Medicinal Property

I was sent home from work yesterday due to severe dry cough. In as much as I can still work despite the infection, we have to be considerate of others who might get infected. Thus, the urge not to avail of an SL (Sick Leave) considering its (cash) conversion at hand was rather forgone. (Tsk! lol)

Then again, I needed the rest as no matter how much I’d earn wouldn’t suffice should my condition turns to worst. Health is wealth could as well be a nourishing principle I should take into serious consideration for the sake of my family. Suspecting Baguio’s bracing weather this season to be the culprit, I contentedly wrapped myself with the coziness of a thick blanket. (“Ooh comfy!”) I was by myself then… On the surface, the warmth I felt shifted to glum coldness though as all of a sudden I longed for the warmer embrace of my family. I’ve realized that the intrinsic crisp air Baguio exudes is not as breezy without someone special to warmly cuddle with in fending the coldness off.

Emotional as I may seem, it’s probably due to cough and colds or any health concerns at that … if it is? WHO (World Health Organization) could help… However, I know WHO my medicines are - Wife at Home with my Offspring.

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Ane Fallarme said...

Awww... :D You made me feel guilty, I'm sorry for not being home... We miss you too.. :D