Monday, December 29, 2008


Sunday: Traffic was unusually heavy although likely with the influx of Baguio visitors. Going to mass was already like a sacred procession in itself. Although behind schedule, we almost made it to church. I fervently hope that our intention of attending mass based on our faith is strong enough to be acceptable in the eyes of Our Father.

We’re about to enter when we were blocked and led out by policemen seemingly guarding the perimeter. With the idea that they were under direct order to secure the place for the safety of no less than the President, I repetitively sought for the elusive answer from one policeman if it was indeed because of who I thought it was, he reluctantly confirmed.

Why drive parishioners away with the notion that they (or we) are possible threats if the reason for going to mass in the first place is supposed to be founded on faith. Faith that in God’s hand, one is not to worry… Faith that in God’s hand, everyone will be saved… Don’t they have faith? Doesn’t she have faith? Unless the reason for attending mass is merely for good image-building, faith isn’t necessary. While I understand the need to protect the President but to exaggerate its implementation is just outrageous. However, not if your popularity is based on how unpopular you are as well amongst those against your leadership.

Another concern was that having the right to hear The Word of The Lord, is it fair to forsake one’s right for such in favor of a VIP? Doesn’t that contradict the (Religion’s) principle of equality?

To be fair, for all we know, she doesn’t know about this. Nevertheless, as ostensibly humble as she is in going to mass, she (or her security adviser at least) should have ordered a corresponding modesty in securing her Excellency even if only for the time being; except if she’s indeed living up to being a VIP (Vainglorious and Inconsiderate Parishioner).

Moreover, despite the tight security if it’s her time, only her faith could actually save her. She should have at least showed a little faith in a rather tolerable security, but then again, not if she’s one Very Insecure President.

Having missed this Sunday’s Mass for reasons I got undiplomatically upset, Vehemently, I Pray…


suedonim16 said...

I'm sure I'd be just as upset if that ever happened to me. Having to go through all the inconveniences you mentioned made me hate PGMA all the more. The VIP treatment is way beyond what she deserves. (Sigh...)

rommel fallarme said...

Well… the many stories that were credibly narrated against her seemed to have abruptly ended for nought, thus, it gives her the condescending authority she recurrently flaunts. This story could similarly rub you the wrong way but it’s not intended to make you feel bad (sorry suedonim16). Let us just be thankful we don’t corruptly engage in such power tripping… Let us rather keep the faith… (hehe...)