Monday, December 29, 2008

When the Son Dims yet Radiates

There is a correlation as to the term son with that of the Sun, both of which denote life-sustaining light. Like so, bearing of a son is sort of lighting the path towards the upholding of a man’s (father’s) legacy.

An officemate was telling me how isolated he felt keeping his gender identity in the closet for the longest time from his family. Until, he pondered on liberation thus his revelation. His mother was apparently at a loss for words in disbelief. Yet the word spread…

Closet queen no more, his true emancipation came recently when his most feared uncle, while intoxicated and already aware of his ‘gender issue’, expressed acceptance of his clandestine sexuality even referring to him as his niece. So much goes for ‘the son (light) of his brother’. 

Disappointments are usually the sentiments (intensely for fathers) (Father encourages students to maul 'gay' son at Dunoon Tech ...) behind such disclosure, consequently compelling gay people to rather ‘stay in the closet’. I just hope these fathers (men) wouldn’t prefer to have a child from ‘outside’ than accept a ‘closeted’ son if only to wrongfully prove how to be manly. It’s rather unmanly to elude what appears to be their self-assumed curse by doing something more cursing. More so, be intolerant of what is supposed to warrant their existence as real men in being understanding and accepting of surrounding circumstances.

I hypothetically asked my father once to see how he’d react if he found out I’m gay. Quite assured of my sexuality, he lightheartedly told me that he’d be very supportive or something to that effect. Nonetheless, the best and most reassuring answer was the response of my brother-in-law to a similar speculative question raised by my nephew: “Son, when I asked for you as a gift from God, I did not ask for a son or a daughter, I asked for a child, my child”

What if one day, my son asks me the same but a definite question… “Ay type, bongga chorva eclavu!” (whatever that means in gay lingo) Ok, kidding aside, though I could reassure him with a reply akin to that of my father’s or to my brother-in-law’s, I would rather make him feel as my son still not even ‘no matter what’ but he is my son no ifs no buts. It’s not about my son’s individuality but me as a father with a responsibility of rearing him to be the good person he is to be. If he turns out to be the man he could be, he will likewise be cultivated not to be discriminating of gay people for they too serve a purpose. More than anything else, I am his father who trudges my path with him as light that brightens my day and makes me see clearly the joy of fatherhood. My son will be taught to be a light that will radiate to sustain this legacy. He is after all the light that glows in my eyes.


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