Monday, January 5, 2009


Before anything else, Happy New Year!

There are so many things people are up to in line with the onset of a new year. Fireworks (or the use of firecrackers) are thought to steer the New Year free of negativity. It’s thought to have the power to fend off evil spirits terrified of loud bangs. Then there is the observance of traditional beliefs: dressing in polka-dots, having 12 round fruits, sticky rice (malagkit) set forth on the table as well for a feast – signifying prosperity that is believed to stick around throughout the year. Prior to the clock ticking of the first second of the New Year even, doors (including windows, drawers…) are left wide open to welcome good fortune. And coins are to be put in one’s pocket to be jangled as a welcoming jingle for that expected wealth. Children are also asked to jump seemingly a more believable alternative for growth balls.

Yet, there appears to be a more recognized habit regardless of culture and that is the conception of a new year’s resolution. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the only practice I’m inclined to. It’s not that I’m skeptical of the aforementioned customs; I just happen to believe one’s own creditable merit likewise founded on Faith as the resolution to these expectations.

Speaking of resolutions, meaning-wise and more than the vow as its other connotation, it means answer. My eagerness to accomplish ‘these year’s expectations’, as a resolution in itself, will be acted on with dedication. I haven’t really pondered on a new year’s resolution as far as I can remember. Thus, I’m not guilty of making one that ended up rather divided into two words ‘RE’ and ‘SOLUTION’. There is no REcurrence… No prefix. No solution as well…

This time around though, I thought I need some self-imposed challenge to make it happen. I need a solution. On top of that pledge, I will make sure that my resolution will be justified with its true sense - An answer to my aspiration that I myself am bent on answering.
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