Monday, January 12, 2009

Too Spicy

Contrasting (too distinctive as a matter of fact) from the usual terms of endearment, I call my wife Spicy. It’s not as distinct as the reason behind it though. However like spice, aromatic or piquant, fragrant or pungent, she’s all that. With her nature seemingly seasoned with or containing spice, similarly, that’s her effect on me. She can be sweet; she can be bitter. Characteristically a preservative or as for seasoning, with a hint of basil or even curry, nevertheless, she adds flavor to my life’s cooking concoction. And while I’m on it and if it’s alright, I might as well add, she tastes good too! lol 

Another thing, like normal (or abnormal) couples, we could be all over each other or at times, get into each others’ nerves. Spicy that she is, she could from time to time be too hot who needs some spanking. Not that naughty serving probably rationed in your minds. As fiery as some dish that you just want to spit it out once it stings your palate. Yes, while blandness from that of each others’ opposing ‘tastes’ heats up, for a moment there, she becomes the spice that I myself want to chop into smaller pieces or grate into a powdrrr! (lol). It’s not about who’s at fault, it’s our dissimilarity… we have a lot actually.

Should we part, it would seem understandable. There were times when we actually thought about and tried to go our separate ways. Then the question as to whom the children should go with nags.

In other cases, a legal battle ensues. Others divide up their children for who is to whom or sometimes depending on whom the children prefer. With regard to this, it would be ‘sadly’ favorable for the one to be chosen should their children have less affection towards the deserted parent.

Just the other day, right after Spicy spiced up herself with a bathe and wrapped in a leopard-like dress (rrrrr!) for a sizzling midnight snack for me (or I could be the prey), when I was about to relinquish my son Lucas to her care, he seemed to have recognized the fierce leopard in her. He refused to go with her as if she was a stranger. If there was anything strange, it was his refusal towards his mother whom he usually seek out during a time he’s supposed to feel sleepy and all.

I kidded my wife of maybe having a scary entity beside her whom Lucas was seeing. That freaked her out. What is freakier is that despite trying means to woo him other than the three wardrobe changes Spicy had to submit to, hoping it was just probably her outfit that made her appear as a stranger to him, he’d still rowdily cry while seeking out for me instead. That freaked me out.

It’s not that I don’t like Lucas to be fond of me (more than what Spicy thinks of her heavier clout on him); it’s not even how I reprimanded Spicy of conceivably changing her scent that could have estranged Lucas from her. It freaked me out to see my son get scared of Spicy. It will freak me out should my children’s relationship with their mother be alienated. No matter how Spicy and I occasionally perceive as to who between us would be our children’s ‘favorite parent’, I’d rather manifest the difference yet complementing role as the other parent – me as a father and Spicy as a mother.

Even with parenting, we have different approaches, still, she’s the mother of my children; she’s my Spicy. Spicy indeed, a mother of two yet proving “may asim pa” (exuding allure still)… for despite not probably taking a bath just to appease Lucas’ recognized mother-scent… Like a highly-flavored spice that emits a strong aroma, she’s a bitter-sweet kind of spice to our children; she’s hot to me. Spicing up our lives, she's Spicy to me.

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Ane Fallarme said...

What?! No Pictures of your "too spicy" wife? lol... :D