Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Walk to Remember

Last January 14, my barely-11-months son Lucas took a few steps on his own surprising even himself. Upon realizing that he was walking by his lonesome, he let out a thrilled and confirming yelp. Nevertheless, it didn’t match the amusement I felt at that moment. Priceless! It was, in a way, a walk to remember.

Having read my wife’s blog on her sentiments regarding how she hates the idea of my perceived untimely demise just because we got to talk about it in view of my plan on getting another life insurance, I thought about the life I’ve so far lived and the things I’d probably miss should the inevitable happen.

Seeing my son take on those steps, I thought that’s just the first step from a promising life ahead. It would certainly be reassuring if along the way, I’d constantly be there to guide my children. But then, what if the life insurance I’m contemplating on getting inopportunely serves them right… I could probably watch them from a distance (lol). Seriously, if that “What if” does occur, with the experiences I’ve gain with my children, my family; I can say that I’ve walked via a path worth going through. It wouldn’t have been as gratifying a journey if not for what I've come (and currently coming) across with. A walk to remember.

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