Monday, January 19, 2009

When nothing means something

If you’ve noticed, I usually get to post an article once a week. As if corresponding with my blog’s title, I only get to ‘switch on’ whatever it is that I’d be expressing on a Sun-day. Though, that’s not the case. It’s just that Sunday happens to be my respite from a week’s work. On some occasions, I get to write during holidays or while I’m on vacation leave.

The time usually allows me to gather enough ideas to write about given the rest of the week to have accumulated eventualities worth sharing. There are times when views as potential subject seem to overflow yet bear out to be too overwhelming to even be put into words.

As of the moment, I don't know what I'll write about... Bound to write about something, you ponder on some insight worth conveying. As blankness fills my mind, I thought about the irony there as ‘blank’ can actually fill up something. There you go, I thought I’d write about ‘nothing’.

Nothing that realistically counters its conventional meaning.

While engrossed with a certain normal naughtiness, a child’s most likely response to your “What’s that?” is a meaningful “Nothing”. And that’s even answered with a (mischievous) smile. (hehe) Yet for grownups, it could be complicated, case wherein, bothered by something, you timidly deny it with “Nothing” once asked about it. And it’s usually answered either with a sulk or worse, with a deafening silence.

Two different “nothings” but it meant something. The former “nothing” seemingly means an act of discovery out of curiosity. The latter is probably a cynical answer that expects, more than anything, the capacity of comprehension rather than be asked of what is it all about; opposing as it may seem, it’s curiosity that seek out for discovery. Characterizing the difference between “Shhh, quiet” and “Hmp, shut up!”

Divulging the details, it precedes to who’s making sense: 1. Parents responsible enough to check out on their child or the child who is curiously exploring probabilities? 2. (Probably) A boyfriend innocent enough to care what’s wrong with his girlfriend or the girlfriend who wants her boyfriend to rather figure out for himself? 3. Case 1 or 2?

Bottom line is, “nothing”, more than its dictionary-defined meaning, it means something. Come to think of it, why such word be even conceived if it won’t mean a thing. Same with “blank”, for a moment there, my thoughts were blank and didn’t know what to write about. Yet, it made me realize without which, we don’t get to fill in the blanks. We don’t get to ascertain the importance to fill up the void within us or whatever it is that needs to be filled.

As a parent, I dutifully see beyond my children’s “nothing”. As a husband, my wife’s “nothing” is rather answered with “Ok fine, whatever! Suit yourself!” (lol) But mostly, I shut up… for if ‘nothing’ will mean another thing, it would be “me” - For I’ll probably be NOTHING without them.

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