Sunday, February 22, 2009


It’s not because it’s the total number of days every month has in any given year. And it’s not even concurrent with that of this post’s title posted within this month.

It’s my (basketball jersey) number. Reason for it isn’t taken from that of a favorite player’s number. Speaking of which, it’s not also because it’s the balancing number figuring in between those two Bulls’ numbers, 23 and 33. In addition, 23 resembles 2 3s which is 33 and 2 3s opposite each other form 8, apparently a combination of those 2 numbers. But then, it’s not that.

I just thought that, after my girlfriend-then broke up with me on one August 28, a rewarding providence might have been the reason. For if it didn’t happen, the godsend that pursued after that wouldn’t have transpired for me to experience. Thus, I associated the number 28 with luck (good thing she broke up with me – lol).

I used to wear number 3. Until the change in number, the only indication left of my old number are the 3s I make during games. Bragging aside, I used to drop those winning 3-pointers with ease and confidence (even during dying seconds) as if my number is truly passing on its propitious intercession. Humbled by an injury, I was sidelined for a while…

Recently though, as the appointed Chairman of our activities’ committee, we initiated a sports event with a basketball tournament as an inaugural activity. I still support number 28. As the playing coach for our team, the number 28’s essence being the second perfect number is out in the open. Not outside the arc open for 3 but open to maturity in rather simply enjoying the game more than winning it the hard way. More so, it's far from perfect. I don’t run the way I used to; consequently, I don’t play like I used to. Somehow, despite heavy breath-catching, blocked shots, minor injuries and loses, it’s still fun.

Second perfect number, second chance, second-stringer, second loss.


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