Monday, March 9, 2009

Family Man

During his courting days still, this Man Day’s primary personality for a subject, has eventually earned substantial merits to end up with the girl of his affection. Together they built a family. Along the way, he has proven his worth as a good provider. It’s the same reason as to why he has earned to be cited and recognized through this blog’s Monday's "Man Day" feature…

Fitting indeed as he is quite the gentleman that he allows himself to be, more so, among those who celebrate this time’s International Women’s Month. Yet, such demeanor is rather manifested naturally without the insincerity behind any hidden motive. Faithful as he is to the girl he ended up marrying, whom he considers as his “one and only” and the mother of his three children, no amount of temptation can tear them apart. A devoted family man, he regards them altogether as his greatest blessing in life. His wife Vivienne, their two sons Nico and Audric and their Little Princess, Athena make-up the family he treasures so much.

Valuing them has inspired him to consider beyond his personal agenda. Having graduated from the Philippines’ premier military school, he was a dedicated soldier as well. Under his captainship, his subordinates could attest to his reputable sense of leadership. A kind of commitment he applies and shares with his family as much as to his country along his good name. The good provider that he is, he makes sure that credibility is imparted as well through the untainted character he embodies regardless of the different roles he plays.
Speaking of which and as patriotic as a soldier should be, he didn’t mind taking a role so much different from what he has all along dreamt of and a promising career he pursued. In the name of love for family, he gave up his military aspiration to answer a different calling. With an assurance of more quality time with family, he composedly took the back seat for Vivienne to move ahead. At that time, a promising career awaits her in Tucson, Arizona. He has to resign to the fact that he’d be in a place he could be as ordinary if he makes true his promise to be with his family. A far cry from where he, as a military officer, has the capacity to be in control. Somehow, he can’t seem to see the light of hope for his Motherland’s kind of regime over his command to be where his ideals have projected. For him (or the Brock Tully in him), he may not be able to change the world he sees around him, but he can change the way he sees the world, within himself…

An ordinary life in a foreign land has to be lived while good-naturedly subjecting himself under his wife’s command. Yet, his ego doesn’t seem to be affected in any way for him to dwell on insecurity.

Secured of his capacity as a husband and a father, he persevered to be the responsible being that he is. Now, he is also a breadwinner. More than putting forth bread on the table, he has remained upright in going about his commitment to be of service to whomever that right is due. Attesting to that now are the
Pima County Sheriff’s Department’s inmates under his supervision as a Corrections Officer. “Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can” isn’t just a famous quote from John Wesley but a guide to life used through these years in living among others by our Monday's Man Day’s featured man of the day: ADELIO ABRUGENA

Happy Birthday Sir! Happy Birthday Bayaw!

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Larry said...

I salute you kuya adel! Happy Birthday!