Saturday, March 14, 2009


We just came from my daughter’s “Moving up Day”. It’s a commencement. She has satisfactorily completed the preschool program. Soon after the summer break, three months from now, she’ll be in grade 1…

As I watched my daughter march on stage, I thought of the innocence still lingering in her mind perhaps on what graduation means. Then it occurred to me; it’s just a step compared to a march…

As if such marching is coinciding within the month of March, though what does the third month of the year actually reminds us? If we’re to be too literal about it, it seems an evocation for us to march towards a certain direction. In fact, graduates undergo simulation of it and might as well be some sort of training in walking into a bigger responsibility.

Finishing a bachelor’s degree for instance, after how many years of college education, may it be with honors, awards, citations or merely crossing the finish line, we all feel like winners. Various compliments are at hand. Every graduate or should I say the parents deserve a congratulatory remark… I say both. I suppose, to say “Welcome to the real world” would be a more fitting salutation for newly college graduates to be greeted with. Question is; does it mean what it suggests? Just like being desired “good luck”, is it a pleasing wish or a caution for it is what they need… LUCK.

We really cannot say that nothing else is likely in season during this time of the year except commencement exercises. After which, there would be celebrations and after those grueling years behind books who wouldn’t want to relax and enjoy the summer sun. More so, you owe it to yourselves to be treated before embarking on a new path. You might as well grab the opportunity to have fun since you could be unsuspecting of the challenges that lies ahead and still take it easy just in case luck does not come marching in with you in a more realistic set-up.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to demoralize the high-spirited newly graduates. Fact of the matter is I still believe there are those new degree holders who could be highly competitive. My point is; is it fair or a hostile ground where they’re being welcomed.

With the world’s economy on the downside, it’s a gung-ho world out there. Retrenchment seems to be the way for companies to improve on their financial stability. Thus, laying-off of employees is a prevalent choice. In trying to secure a position as one among the employed where the fittest survives, you’re required to possess that so-called X-factor. It seems having finished a college course is not enough.

Is it just? I can’t say it’s not but I wouldn’t say it’s with justice as well. You see, in as much as I would like to be completely considerate of employers’ standpoint; of course they want to hire the best they could rely on but then, what’s the use of the training and the things you have learned in school (not to mention O.J.Ts) if they’ll prefer and employ someone with, let’s say 3-5 years of experience in a related job? If the 4 or 5-year course isn’t enough, where will they get the experience? Can’t they give raw talents a chance or the screening of applicants is just not that extensive? Nevertheless, there are establishments that take on fresh graduates but we just cannot ignore the fact that the ones that matter most or rather the ones that are offering the best deal or dream job so to speak are the discriminating ones. No wonder they make quite an impression and it’s not entirely their fault. They’ve earned to be in a position where they can command. Where does that leave us and where do we stand?

Furthermore, let’s not pretend as if we’re not bothered by the prejudicial practice brought about by companies that prefer alumnae from reputable schools. I’m a product of one of these top academes, and I may have the edge but I cannot say I’m better than those who did not have the privilege to enroll in these institutions of higher education. Whatever happened to “potential” and “innate talent”?

What about connections? While there are job hunters that carry loaded weapons, it’s unfortunate for them to lose their “prey” to a “lucky predator” or more sadly to a “scavenger”. You get the picture…

March will remind us of so many things including the irregularities above-mentioned since it’s a time the number of the unemployed increases. With these eventualities, our economy seems to be further going down. Who are we to blame? Perhaps the government? Pointing the finger on whoever we think is the culprit is not the solution. We better face it bravely and with confidence. It’s up to us to make do of what’s on hand at the moment. Let’s take it as a motivating factor to prove that each and every one of us can show our true worth and make a difference.

I hope this March will be a better one. It’s a time to gather our thoughts on how to contribute and do our share… For now, wear those groovy shades, head for your favorite summer destination and bask in the sun. You might just realize it’s the life you want to live. Accordingly, it’s actually providing you directions and inspiration on how to get there. The more you will be challenged to strive harder… then you will look forward to the next March, and the year after and every March of every year.Enjoy your summer. See you at the beach!

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