Sunday, March 15, 2009

Whoa man!

…Then the man said, “At last, here is one of my kind – Bone taken from my bone, and flesh from my flesh. ‘Woman’ is her name because she was taken out of man.”

It’s this verse (Gen. 2:23) from the Bible when wrongfully interpreted has put a great deal on how men live out condescending attitude towards the supposedly weaker sex, consequently putting crooked meaning to women’s existence as “owed to man”.

Women in contrast, with the role as a mother doesn’t just have the responsibility and task of conceiving life but a body built for it which “anatomically” differs from that of men’s. Thus, giving some sense as it may be deemed to their own pride – “men’s birth lies in women”.

The issue no longer deals with the difference between the two and their respective roles but rather who is the first-rate gender. Men as accustomed to their superiority lifted further by reputation will not just concede especially at times when they think their ‘ego’ is being stepped on. Fed up from being dominated by their counterparts, women on the other hand declare enough is enough and so they fight back. Then at one point, strike where it hurts men most and that’s to prove they’re better.

Man’s characterization of one’s self based on twisted definition of manhood is very much disliked. Whereas, the exaggerated masculinity exercised by any overly feministic woman is irritating. Unfortunate as it already is, misinterpreting their real essence of existence, what more if things get out of hand that could resort to a far more uncivilized kind of aggression…

In asking who’s better or stronger and more useful perhaps is indirectly questioning God’s reason for our creation. Now let’s not go there. We should understand each other’s function and how it consummates one another instead.

Either man or woman cannot survive much more multiply as a matter of distinction without the other. Either one is indispensable for the subsistence of the other. The role of each one is not a basis on who is stronger, much less, to be used as an advantage influencing the other to condescend. Man and woman were both created not to compare or differentiate what is obvious to gain the upper hand from each other but to carry out their respective roles as directed. In doing so, respect is needed which is immediately earned as soon as life begins to be cared for and invested on a long-lasting kind. As this value is something you should continuously earn, one way is to give it first to whoever is due of such esteem.

Women have earned it. This March, International Women’s Month is celebrated. Let us celebrate with them and give what is due every woman.

Men, oblige. What better way to treat women than by being a man in getting in touch with our femininity to understand them more if not their complexity. Test your strength instead in eliminating your ‘fear’ of being stereotyped as “under their shadow or command” or whatever. Being of service to women and recognizing their accomplishments doesn’t make you less of a man but a gentleman.

As men, we should acknowledge the capabilities of women, their strengths and weaknesses for us to act accordingly.

I salute every mother for the pain and adjustments they have to go through in giving birth to their children. And as wives also, I applaud your dedication on being a homemaker. For single mothers, your perseverance is worthy of my admiration. I praise the ability of widowed women to move on. To the more successful career women who instill insecurity-defying assurance to their men is inspiring more than ego-crushing. To all the battered wives, you are more than just the abused one in your own soap opera for a life but the ‘Star’ to be vindicated through a more colorful finale than just the “black and blue and stars all over you”.

From the Hillary Clintons to the “what’s her name”, from the Oprahs to “she’s the one” and from Rihannas to those identified as “not their real names”, you are women with purpose and you have earned my respect.

I hope both men and women can achieve this reciprocally and work together harmoniously in benefiting from the privilege of being one with the other.

And as a man, I’m not pretending to be one trying to be impressive with my stand on women but because I am my mother’s son, my sisters’ brother and though far from being the perfect husband, I’m also a father. A father to my daughter whom I want to grow up to be worthy of respect from men; the kind of reverence every woman deserves. May she end up with a real man; the kind that’ll treat her right and the one who’ll make her complete and fulfilled as a woman. And a father to my son whom I want to grow up to be the kind of a man worthy of a woman’s reason for her essence.

Women Oversee Men’s Everyday Needs… that is more than enough for men to be thankful and have appreciation for their presence and importance… without women, we cannot be men.

Whoa man!


Anonymous said...

thanks omeng!
a true gentleman indeed!

Ane said...

You are not THE perfect husband, but you are PERFECT for me.. :) :*

Although you did not write this especially for me, I appreciate the fact that in your own way, you appreciate me.. Thank you B! :) :*