Saturday, April 11, 2009


The 4th month. Summer. A name. An imposing figure. A leader.

Subsequently being named after one’s birth month seems to be derivative. Yet there is nothing uninspiring about this week’s featured Monday’s “Man Day” personality. If name would be the basis, then her Dimagiba (indestructible) for a surname will suffice for she is indeed one with a strong personality. Such is rather used with conviction for the welfare of the company she honorably represents. She has earned her way up from a modest outset. Having risen from such humbling beginning, she has since injected good headship as she herself unassumingly exemplified subordination back then.

Recognition of her leadership capacity has positioned her to where she is right now. Accordingly, she too acknowledges great potential. Like the sensible mother that she is to her own children, she as well views her subordinates’ wellbeing as a concern she has to address with fairness essentially in gauging their qualifications. With pride, she acknowledges such as a mutual success. She sees through people and serves to bridge their aptitude with their development.

As grounded as she is, she’s yet open to gaining knowledge from others. In admiring Confucius and Indira Gandhi for their greatness, she has set standards based on a few of their wisdom. “No matter what you are at that particular stage in life, do and give your best” and “How you live molds your personality” are just from her admired personalities’ precepts that as well guide her as to who, what and how she is…

Whether living up to her name being firm and all or simply being reasonably strict, she softens up with her candidness to her transparency. She balances her time and influence in correlating with people. Her decisions as much as her advices are assumed with devotion. “Do your ordinary duties extraordinarily well without waiting for any rewards” is her philosophy that personifies her dedication and professionalism.

Having failed to visit her one time due to a stormy weather, together with a colleague on a seminar, we made sure this time around to meet up with her. Gracious that she is, she was just glad to see us to even invite us for dinner. Amidst a heart-warming conversation as expected from her, a heavy downpour interrupted such receptive exchange of thoughts. With congeniality inherent in her, she insisted on driving us to the hotel where we were billeted. Under tough conditions minus whatever agenda but sincerity, how many could actually claim to have been offered to be driven ‘home’ by one’s superior? We were merely managers to her executive status. Nevertheless, playing her many roles with distinction is beyond doubt remarkable. More than a boss, she’s a leader. More than an authority, she’s a role model. More than an acquaintance, she’s a friend. And in her own words, she’s too young to be my mother, thus, advises me as a sister…

We’re no longer directly under her administration. Such visit is a manifestation of our established connection due to her reputable leadership that earned from us the respect and courtesy she rightfully deserves. A visit from her as well (to this site though) is an honor.
A tribute to A Valuable Person - Happy Birthday Ma’am April!
Note: This is supposed to be posted for Monday's "Man Day" but the subject's birthday falls exactly on this day... Rather, advance "Man Day"


Dominique said...

Such adulation was really heart-warming. Deserving??? Look around you coz there are others who are more admirable... ;)

Rommel said...

Ms. Dominique, it’s not a matter of who’s more deserving.
Yes, there are quite a number of extraordinary men worthy to be highlighted, but, if I were to write something about a particular person in accordance with “Monday’s Man Day’s” intended purpose, the credibility of their story is something I or any reliable source could readily attest to...
Frankly, there are personalities one could find to be admirable but won’t appeal to others as much. Yet, that’s the beauty of it… we get to discern the essence of appreciating or the effect of the opposite… Nevertheless, thank you for dropping by. :)