Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blue or Green?

It’s not about colors. Neither is it a choice between Ateneo De Manila University and De La Salle University; Globe or Smart nor what-have-you. However, if you’re smart enough, you’d find ways to keep the globe blue and green. And as smart as the Green Archers are, they probably understand the difference between bow shooting an eagle as to that of ‘ball shooting’ against a Blue Eagle. How they settle their rivalry should be limited to that of the latter…
Rightfully, this is about the green movement that will keep the blue flowing so to speak. Green represents nature whereas blue represents the body of water that comprises 3/4th‘s of the globe. There is a perfect reason as to why the ratio between the Earth’s land and water.
Nowadays, when we say “think green”, we think of the environment. Thinking of it though varies from just limiting it to thoughts as doing something about it would be significant. It means being considerate of its sustenance and quite certain ours.
Given a choice, I’d go green. It would be for everybody including that of “blue’s” sake. No need for an elaboration as to how one can go as green. Also, it’s how “blue” can sustain its affluence for “green’s” nourishment. Nevertheless, we don’t want to feel blue just because we lack the natural resources for a refreshing existence.

Blue or Green?
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