Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Class of 1985

Establishing an identity through the 80s, a time possibly considered as the best music era, it would be unlikely to have not been attuned with Michael Jackson’s music. Speaking of which, we have been swayed, in any way, by how cool we thought we were singing or dancing to the tune of “Beat It” or “Billie Jean”. At some point, “Thriller” lived up to be indeed thrilling.
During such phase when music played a big part in molding our youth into prominence among peers, what we sang was who we were so to speak… As it is, music is influential; it has been and will always be. More intervening is the voice behind it though. That time, our influences somehow were the likes of Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Culture Club, Madonna and yes, Michael Jackson among others.

A few weeks back, our class of that generation met up not just for the organization of our grand reunion scheduled for next year but to also put up an aid organization of some sort. Seeing old faces doubly meant something as we’ve also grown old from that up-and-coming stage. Changes brought about by the years that passed were evident but the 80’s spirit lives on. We’ve set on possibly perking up the occasion with “down memory lane” for a theme.
In a time we’re nostalgically reminiscent of the good old days, from what was “it” then to everything associated with the 80s, an eminent figure from that of our budding stage passed away. Michael Jackson was 50.

Visualizing our get-up then induces amusement. We were expressing ourselves to look like local versions of those idolized figures at that time. Opposite the music was how 80’s dress is deemed yet we felt so cool with it back then. Presently, we dress up appropriately. Except for the color of his skin, Michael Jackson, however, has supported the same look over the years. It was sort of a trademark only he can pull off. And together with his music, it’s a legacy.
Learning from it, allow ourselves to be induced by an 80’s figure once again if only to leave a legacy. MJ’s death may have been caused for everybody’s realization about the importance of leaving something for the next generation or class not just to cherish about but also learn from...
In our case, slowly getting our batch mates together for some cause, we need to make use of having been along that formative period and prove we can be as leading with one voice. The pledge from that of every plan could lose its promise if it will remain as such. Putting it into action could be a journey like that of MJ’s; along the way he was castigated but his music is his redressing foundation. There will be ups and downs as we have our share of “musical disharmony”. Nevertheless, with whatever good we can generate, it may not be enough to vindicate our “out-of-tune” moments but at least it will serve its purpose for all its worth.
Certainly, we can’t pull-off dressing up like somebody if pretension would be the driving force. We can sing one tune though and ascertain our class to be from that of the best music era… “Remember the Time”? Or we could just “Heal the World”


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great words!