Friday, June 12, 2009

Freedom 101

The Philippines is celebrating its Independence Day today, June 12. Basing it to this date from when it all started, we are celebrating freedom for 111 years already. Apparently, there are opposing derivations as to the real date of our country’s liberty. Some historians will point out July 4, 1946 to be more opportune. Yet, today’s celebration of independence is founded on our liberation from Spain’s rule over a century ago. If we are to consider other deliverance from similar repressions we went through, then we would be celebrating too many “independence days”.

What’s with freedom from one thing but restricted from another? Then again, how can we be commemorating our independence if we have not been entirely liberated? Regardless of when it took place, are we totally free? Conversely, how and when can we truly feel and say we’re free…

In view of today’s occasion, I’m rather observing my emancipation from my work load albeit for just a day. However, I’m not completely unbound. I still have to contend with the fact that I'm married to a
Oops! Joke! It’s Independence Day, kidding is without charge (or so I think). Like all those heroes who have fought for our freedom, I’d be similarly doing some serious self-defense once my wife gets to read this (LOL)

Going back, I was watching the Lakers & Magic NBA Finals’ game 4 and the Orlando Magic just lost a won game. Lakers’ Derek Fisher seem to have felt so free in nailing down a 3 and with Orlando’s Jameer Nelson’s weak defense given the crucial situation, from the outside (figuratively & literally), they gave the victory for free… Having missed free throws as well, it's more like "free thrown", tossing their freedom up for positioning trapping them in a corner with a 3-1 record against their favor. Freedom day it is! I took democracy for granted as I wailed in dismay “Ahhrrrg! Grrrr! @#!*%&!!!” though, felt released afterwards. I’m not really a Magic fan if not for this series. Exercising the freedom of choice as I may… Oh well, Game 5’s another day.

Speaking of choices, it’s something presented as an apparent perk brought about by freedom. It doesn’t mean though that it should be taken advantage of at the expense of someone losing his own. Having said that, considering next year’s Independence Day would be after our Land have exercised the freedom of choice in hopefully putting into office the one who’d be leading us in celebrating independence to its truest sense, may we all be liberal in starting it from within ourselves… your choice though…
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