Friday, July 17, 2009


Of all the days this week that I have to tend to some work-related errands, how untimely it was to fall on a Wednesday. Not that there was a problem with it, it’s just that the company vehicle I usually use is subject to the number coding scheme on Wednesdays, 5 being the last number along its 3-letter, 3-digit plate number. My car’s plate number also ends with 5.

The Number Coding is a traffic scheme where cars, with its plate number’s last digit, are not to be driven along major routes during its designated “coding” day.

Needless to say, I was to either take a cab or the cheaper passenger jeepney as an alternative. I preferred the latter as it will allow me to take a walk that likewise served as an exercise. Making the most out of it, I was enjoying sights I’ve not seen for a while. Just as I was observant of occurrences I came passed through, I was oblivious of this one thing that will actually remind me of the aptness of every incident happening for a reason. A camera clicked, a broadsheet was published and pictured realization…

I realized how heedful we become in minding what we immediately see but seem to be unaware of how we are perceived by others…
“Damn! I need to do something about that bald spot!” LOL
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