Friday, July 17, 2009


There are times when I just ask myself why… Though unlike a curious child whose whys are based on finding out the answer for the first time, mine’s more on the recurrence for the nth time seemingly due to stubbornness or perhaps lack of viable options.

“Why am I not learning from it?” would perhaps be the exemplary question that tops it all. “Why do I still do it despite knowing its possible consequences?” could actually be answered with “why” itself - Why is temptation so enticing? It’s a question that’s instinctively asked despite having experienced the answer. As such, it rationalizes another “why” in asking as to addiction’s clout on us. Why am I going through this or that? Or perhaps, why you?

Why did I even write this you may ask if your next question would be why you are even reading this nonsense (if such be the case) in the first place? It’s the same reason as gullibility that seems to make sense when we’re into it. Why is that? You could as well ask why does it has to be answered with a very objective “because everything happens for a reason” kind of an answer when being subjective could be more gainful. That could be followed up with another “why” and so on and so forth…

In everything we do, “why” is lurking; eager for an agreeable answer. It doesn’t necessarily require for it to be the right one but just it.

As to why we’re different is to why answers to our every “whys” vary. Why my story could possibly be the subtle answer to your “why”… Why you should read in between the lines if why “Why?” you find out why.

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