Friday, July 31, 2009

Worthwhile Pain

We were just watching some love story wherein the female lead had a painful (love) experience making it hard for her to move on. Making it worse is that her father isn’t as supportive. Then, I thought of the likelihood when my children will be in such a predicament…

Those constantly updated with every article posted herein know this blog’s purpose being geared towards providing some guiding principle for my children. Knowing life span’s incalculability, the thought of leaving some sort of a legacy early on is promptly addressed.

Having had my share of life’s ups and downs, only God knows when the next is. Although what we are to focus on is not much of how high or how low we get but by how we make the best out of it after timely realizing the reason for its occurrence. The pain caused by my first major heart ache one August 28 years ago was overwhelming. If there’s even a logical point behind it though, it’s for 2 (other) good reasons why that happened to me in the first place – my children. If it didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have the children I have now. Part of the realization is that ending up with “her” would’ve probably spelled a different fate for me. It could’ve been better or otherwise, I wouldn’t know but I’m quite certain, I wouldn’t exchange it for the blessings I have now received in the form of my children. Aware of the date is also an acknowledgment of that fateful day that opened new doors…

Hence, this article will hopefully serve to prepare my children to face such phase when the time comes. I’m hoping my son will be stronger than I was should he be similarly subjected to such hurt. It’s my daughter I’m more concerned about. Men’s intuition and reaction to such could differ from that of what women go through; though depending really on the surrounding circumstances.

Going through depression, I was able to discover a few tricks up my sleeves after a while. Of my own accord to rather bother no one, I tried writing my sentiments down as an outlet. Starting off with a diary-like for a “confidant” I ended up discovering my knack for poetry. Soon after, I was into song writing. This new found talent then gave me back the confidence I seriously needed. It paved the way to be more expressive rather than be repressive of my feelings. Pain usually holds us back not to go through it again at the expense of being evocative. The bolder I became.

Getting hurt again yet not as much as the first one doesn’t essentially mean that the experience from that of the first signifies more intensity, it’s just that we’re tougher. Every hurt makes us stronger not necessarily numb. Such lack of feeling will only tolerate the pain.

Making lemonade out of lemons could be more apt in depicting how every stumbling block should be made use of as a motivating tool for us to be up and about. Anything sour could actually be a quenching stimulant so to speak. Every obstacle is made to be prevailed over. As if that’s not enough, it teaches us about life’s trial as part of what will actually mold our character. It will as well allow us to probably self-discover answers within ourselves of which could have been thought to be highly unlikely yet able us to move on and grow. Pain is about reminding us of our susceptibility to it and that there is a remedy. Pain is an occasion for healing. It’s an avenue to further deepen our Faith.
Without these setbacks, you could just imagine how ineffective we could be should we be faced with one. Overcoming it though, rewards us with a new perspective in life. Life with all its seeming imperfections is what makes it all worthwhile.


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