Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Irony behind Yellow

Yellow, more than the bright color that it is, its meaning is also ironically associated with cowardice. It is the color for a trademark of former Philippine President Corazon Aquino. Even before her passing, yellow ribbons were tied all over as a sign of respect and in support of Tita Cory (as she was fondly called) who was then battling with colon cancer. At least in that aspect, no signs of pessimism were manifested if only to wish our former President full recovery. Her point of view was sought for, thus, her recovery was then vital. Her presence has always been and would have been influential in persuading peace to rather be empowered through a democratic system. She has been, after all, instrumental as the principal figure representing every Filipino, in putting the Philippines in world history via People Power’s peaceful restoration of freedom back then. She's a global icon of democracy.
True that her regime was the most beset with coup attempts. It is through one of these revolts that fearfulness for that “yellow” image was as well wrongfully fitted on her. Derogatorily, she was said to have hidden under a bed during one upsurge. If that was what really transpired, it was a good defense.
As a matter of fact, the problem with headship is when it’s mistaken to be taken up as a position to hastily lead yet oblivious not just of what its in-charge of but of its own reflex. Ego likewise gets the better out of a head (talk about authority getting into one’s head). Impatient as we are, we expect too much from whoever is in-charge a prompt response. Like for instance, under duress, a commander with his entire valor could actually gain support and motivate his battalion in fronting the battle but directly endangering his life and of those reliant of it behind him. If he dies, his troop’s hope dies as well. Thus, taking cover could actually gain them the upper hand. Continued existence allows for better strategizing.
Accordingly, if Madam Cory took refuge tactically on that fateful day, it was a gallant move to shield the entire country from further chaos. With that said, she was not the kind of President her detractors were claiming her to be. She was brave enough as manifested from the moment she took on the challenge to lead us to democracy against a dictator until she showed the power of unity while holding on to her dear life as a demonstration of strong faith just as what she has always duly resorted to.
Indeed, courageous as she was, forgiving ousted President Joseph Estrada may have drawn criticisms but it was a noble thing to do. Forgiveness is a difficult thing to do for those full of pride but weak enough not to be judgmental as if they’re not liable over any transgressions.
If Madam Cory wore yellow, it symbolized hope and faith founded on bravery. More than the results, it’s how she endured the challenge and did it with conviction. Like that of a mother’s capacity in protecting her family, she may have stood-up to all the storms that came and wreaked havoc to her family and still fell short but she did it with compassion as brave as she could be. Like how we cling to our mothers, we thoughtlessly get disappointed for not having been provided with what she couldn’t seem to afford but it doesn’t mean she’s a failure. We may even accuse her of playing favorites although she just have to be firm enough to point out who or what’s right or wrong. Yet, she still has to brave the guilt feeling of having failed her children. That was how Madam Cory stood as a mother for our nation.
With her, yellow could as well stand for brightness we could look forward to in seeing how our life as one should be. We should have learned by now and brave enough to carry on even in the absence of one valiant Commander-in-Chief; even if now orphaned from a courageous mother.
Tita Cory, thank you. And just in case I get to heaven, it wouldn’t be too hard to notice you. Among angels and others in white, as bright as the "light at home" that you were, you’re probably wearing yellow.
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