Friday, September 4, 2009

Fresh Blood in Old School

The title is rather suggestive of a horror story wherein a young Count is boldly biting on exerting his influence all over and among those within an ancient castle.

Far from the eerie scenarios though, it’s a familiar circumstance in a modern setting. With change as the only constant thing as not just a popular cliché but a guiding principle. Horror is what it is only for those proud enough to embrace such development. On the face of innovation in a time such is vital, new ideas are sought for. In achieving these, young bloods are taken into service; classically, at the expense of old school’s pride.

When I was just starting (once a new blood) with the company I am currently employed in 6 years ago, we were told of the new ideas we can bring in as one considerable reason for which we were hired. Not to put my best foot forward nor simply make an impression, I considerably contemplated on decently abiding professionalism. Accordingly, I’ve earned a significant reputation for my substantial contributions. However, among others who have only appreciated my capacity but what about their positive reception instead for my input’s beneficial implementation. At one point even, after they have reviewed one of my proposals, it was said to be similar to one they were working on only to come out years after my initial proposition.

Up till now, I continue to manifest my pertinent role as professional as I could be only for them to have reservations about an effort they snobbishly think is needless. I could only impishly laugh from within when such endeavor is rather put into practice just because a higher ranking executive (and a young blood at that) has similarly proposed it. What the Hell!!! Either I was right all along or I have a mind of an executive… Now, before my Van Helsing-like capacity to pierce the “(young) blood sucker” in them will indeed confirm this to be a horror story, I seek for your understanding for my sarcastically-provoked avowal of haughtiness.

According to sources, I was thought to have supposedly declined in carrying out my responsibilities but rather proved more impressive with the continuous manifestation of maturity. Regardless of gaining accolades or not, I will continue to impart whatever I can offer. It would certainly be hypocritical of me to deny getting affected when in fact I am. Yet tomorrow’s another day. Nevertheless, it would be more acceptable if old school gets to swallow their pride and welcome change if only for our benefit in general if it’s one way to substantiate our oneness. Furthermore, if young blood and old school learn from each other based on workable offerings, success is imminent.

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