Sunday, October 25, 2009

Broken Promise

One of the most gratifying feelings is being in-love. The sense of knowing you’re capable of tendering anything possible for a loved one is just overwhelming. What makes it more promising is the fact that you’re almost sure to give up anything for that special person. Even so, a promise of “forever” is likewise emphasized.

Meeting that one person you believe is meant for you, sets off assertion to make do of any probability just to validate the unfolding of destiny. On occasion against all odds, withstanding the challenge makes it much sweeter than it already is; and quite seemingly, it’s an assumed substantiation of the concerned couple’s destined union.

When parting ensues once realization sets in to rather serve as a wake-up call that contradicts the primary passion, believing “it’s not meant to be” isn’t as simple to accept as the time you prematurely thought it was. It’s a case of easily accepting a possible-lover stranger although hardly letting-go of a used-to-be-stranger lover. Invested emotions seems to be one’s hold on to it as it would be such a waste if indeed it will only go for naught.

Loving someone regardless of time is never a waste. More so, it will never be for nothing. The opportunity to experience sharing it with someone, even for just a moment, is in itself worthy of eternal bliss; as the saying goes “It’s better to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all”… But then, to be open-minded, that’s easier said than done.

It’s not easy to forget especially when what is to be rather forgotten has left a lasting impression. And sometimes, what makes it doubly difficult is our seriousness to what has been romantically said regarding being together forever. Let us not dwell on having to hold on to what was idealistically said. What is considerably more important is what was sensibly manifested. But then again, it’s the sensitivity behind human nature. We tend to give so much importance to uttered assurances to the point we refuse to figure out probabilities. In life, being promised of constancy is not an assurance of its certainty. In other words, life is how you make it, not how you say it. In love, words could be heard; on the other hand, actions are felt.

Nonetheless, there are words that elicit action. Words that seem to suggest goodbye implies to induce an action suggestive of letting-go. Seemingly tied up to a vow to hold on no matter what… It’s hard. Yet, we have to… set free, break free… let go…
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