Thursday, October 15, 2009


“OP” means “Out of Place” figuratively speaking (at least here among those who understand). It’s usually used referring to one who appears to be “OP” in the company of a group apparently in sync amidst some interest perhaps.

Quite recently, we were displaced from our wellbeing due to the successive heavy pounding of two tropical storms. Oddly enough, in accordance with alphabetical order, the two typhoons were consecutively named Ondoy and Pepeng. As if they knew of their would-be unwelcome entry suiting their names “OP” and rather decided to ascertain their place with “Who’s OP now?!” With Ondoy’s Pushiness (OP) and the Onslaught of Pepeng (OP), they literally forced a vast number of people out of place.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned. However, I wouldn’t be too insensitive to even lecture about righteousness in the midst of distress. The most important thing now is that despite of adversity; we can all be sympathetic and make everyone feel they have a place…

If there is one aftermath worth taking note of is the fact that solidarity is yet observed. Unity is apparent. Never mind (though shame on) the Overly Political (OP) or the Ostentatious People (OP); the point is that, life goes on and that Off-Putting (OP) trials are what make Optimism Persists (OP).

Times like this, giving up is what’s out of place. It is a time when Faith and hope make perfect sense. We also have to appreciate the fact that we’re given a moment to reflect. It is a chance for redemption; an opportunity to make amends. Floods deflected directions, roads were blocked by landslides, and still, it shows The Way. It is a new beginning OR (Occasion for Renewal) if you will, it is an Opening for Penance.