Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pine Cone

Firstly, a pine cone makes a good accent piece. From its normal (outwardly parched and eccentric looking) form, crafts made of these manifest valuable revelations. Of no use as it appear with its dried up scales layered into its (usually) ovate outline, purpose of which remains interesting and ingenious.

Classmates from way back were merely known as playmates. Soon after, acquaintances helped realize the essence of friendship. As we grew older, some emotions intensified into deeper feelings. Groups were formed. Alliances were established. Relationships were sustained. Each has a story to tell. Nevertheless, like scales of a pine cone, different personalities among diverse standings set off to solidify a bond.

From its pine tree for an alma mater, several pine cones were produced. Thus, it seems to be as common. It’s (just) probably good as a highlight embellishment. Though together, it could be more than a decorative detail. More than anything else, its use is infinite.

“Scales” of different orientation and background, indeed scaled different courses. Doctors, Nurses and patients complement each other; and so are the Lawyers, Law Enforcers and those perhaps unlawful among us. Who would have thought each would turn out to be someone inconceivable of one’s current status seemingly opposite of that kid from yesteryears…? Case in point, two of those outwardly subdued girls are now into motorbikes: Kit’s Harley and Veronica’s Ducati (Read: Cool Chicks! LOL). Several season changes also squeezed creative juices out of another as much as it seasoned the men from the vulnerability of boyhood. One is still in-love with “Pers Lab” (First Love). Just when “overdose” is as common as any term for this one medical practitioner; it isn’t the case in moderately downing at least five bottles of strong beer – to think she seemed to be reserved then. LOL! Cheers to that and to every unlikely transformation that molded imposing personalities amongst us!

Each of us became someone… As one though, respective designations is not limited nor is it focused on individual achievements. One and the same, any one to another is simply regarded as a batch mate; furthermore, as a friend. Deeper still, as Insans!

Like pine cones, who would have thought, we could be as prized to a cause in as much as then-inconspicuous for a reason. What could then be a more fitting representation than something as common where we are deeply rooted – City of Pines! Something that could probably bring forth nostalgia… something we’ll likely PINE for – C.O.N.E! We are after all the Class Of Nineteen Eighty-five!


Beverly said...

impressive Rommel! bow ako sa iyo Insan!

mary joy said...

Holding my glass up for you, insan!!! I'm so impressed!!!

Maria Regina said...

awwwwnesss insan mel .. big hug >:D< ., very well said., OMG! kinilabutan aco ha ., this pieace is so ... di co madescribe ... amazingly wonderfully unbelievably creatively all the ly's done ... hehehe ... super touched aco for the egroup!!!! you're really gifted with ink .. hehehehe ... so proud of you insan!

Anonymous said...

Never thought u could write such masterpieces....your thoughts and choice of words are delicately chosen. I'll be looking forward to reading more.... from a distance.

MJ said...

You're very gifted insan.... Cheers for a stronger friendship!

Lea said...

Very well said Rommel!!!Great job...A toast to our batch!!!! :-)