Monday, January 25, 2010

Married Without a Wife

It was my friends’ wedding last Saturday. Prior to tying the knot, they were on for 10 years. That brings me to the question – having been through a long engagement, would getting married be any different? Would quantity be qualitative enough? The reason behind the question is not because of my unawareness over the uncommonness of probabilities. I guess it boils down to how my marriage is…

I was actually talking one co-employee out of getting hitched as I believe they were rushing into it. Then, there’s this friend I was teasing into settling down as it’s about time. However, I can’t seem to convince myself on how I’d go about my own.

Lately (or as usual), my wife and I get into discussions that lead into heated arguments. Sad as it may be, it’s about sticking still with each other or otherwise. Bottom-line, she gets into my nerves as much as I get into hers. There seems to be a lot of irreproachable excuses for us to call it quits yet there are consequential reasons to hang on. If I know any better, I’d deem the whole thing as just a phase.

How ironic it could be as inwardly, letting go is outwardly the logical option. Then perhaps, our uncertainty over whatever decision is what seems to be holding us back. Plus of course, the children are the most considerable factor. It shouldn’t be; or for all we know, we could just be insensibly using the children as an excuse to hold on.

Not being clouded with selfishness is a tinge of hope that everything will eventually fall into its proper places. There’s something worth fighting for. Such is the case in being patient for the time when roles will be acknowledged and duly portrayed.


jennielee226 said...

After 8 years of engagement my husband and I got married because of a relative who was not allowed to visit her partner of 20 years on his deathbed because the family did not want her too. Knowing that our families had never aproved of our relationship it was important to us that we would not leave each other in that type of situation.
Other than that their was not much change in our relationship although we got some awsome knew kitchen gadgets as gifts!

Maria Regina said...

hmmmmm ... wish he could read this one., ... nice insan ... you got the words right out of my mouth., take care po.,