Saturday, February 20, 2010

Celebrating an Occasion for Simplicity

Children’s birthdays are preferably celebrated with a party at least for those who can afford. Whereas for the average family, it would somehow entail considerable budgeting.

Yesterday was my daughter’s 8th birthday. We thought of throwing a party for her at school with her classmates. Though (children’s) parties are usually prompted with themes in consideration of the celebrant’s liking, the parents typically impose its overall actuation. In some cases, ours perhaps, it’s the resources that dictate. However, could the children have favored otherwise or innocently cared less? Are the gifts thought of instead more than the gathering? Do they really assent to its realization?

It’s likely for our comprehension of the reason behind celebrations. Thus, I asked our daughter what she likes for her birthday. After a-second-or-two of thoroughgoing contemplation, “so it seems”, she wants a “twist car”. I asked if she was sure, she affirmed in redundance as she said yes simultaneously smiling while nodding. Party? Mmmmmm… Nah. Just to make sure, I suggested other options. Her response was rather tentative. Such uncertainty was a clear manifestation of their indecisiveness.

Though I was (and still am) elated by my daughter’s simplicity. Surprising her with equally simple things was carried out. As I surprisingly fetched her in school, she expressed how that instance just made her day “the best day ever”. I brought her to Toy Kingdom so as to give her an idea if she really prefers the twist car over other toys. Her indecisiveness manifested further. I, however, talk her into buying her choice of toy in time I’d be capable of expending for it. It was a plan I thought would be a good approach to teach some values. My daughter understands the importance of gaining fulfillment without the need for extravagance.

To somehow conventionally celebrate, we let her decide for what she would like to have for dinner. We had that meal serving to commemorate not just her birthday but maturity. It was that simple.

Nevertheless, my affection for my daughter will always be lavish (make that LOVE-ish). Happy Birthday Chakai!


Maria Regina said...

happy birthday pamken cheskai! hope you had a wonderful day and i pray for only the best of life for you...

Ane Fallarme said...

Time sure flies by so fast.

Make it slow down!