Sunday, March 21, 2010

Leap Day

When my son was about to be born a little over two years ago, we decided for my wife to conceive on the 29th of February instead. Jokingly, we thought it would be cost-effective celebrating his birthday only after every four years. In fact, the idea of one’s birthday falling on a day that rarely comes by has all-the-rage sense into it.

A contention on when to annually celebrate it was likewise brought up. Some argues on holding it on the 28th as it is still within the birth month while I believe March 1 to be more precise. As if the 29th occurring after the 28th isn’t enough, birthdays are usually celebrated for the whole year that passed completing a celebrant’s age and for the start of another year. Thus, commemorating it after the 28th is more exact.

Last March 1, we celebrated my son Lucas’ 2nd birthday. Like that of his sister Chakai’s b-day recently, we rather marked his natal day minus a big party; not that he wouldn’t mind nor he already values practicality, it’s just that he still couldn’t care less…

On the other hand, if I have the excessive means, it would be much easier to manifestly communicate a sense of responsibility. Forgoing such celebration won’t seem to be a reason based on frugality. I don’t, however, want to justify such moderation. Though I hope my children will realize the importance of setting priorities as much as the value of resources. 

Anyway, the good thing about Lucas’ birthday is that it could be celebrated anytime, thus this article seems to be behind schedule. February 29 is Leap Day. As Lucas turned 2, he’s more up-and-about. Realizing his effort of totally being able to lift his feet off the ground with at least an inch, he now jumps a lot. As if that’s not enough, he jumps from one place to another. He’s likewise fond of basketball enthusiastically simulating a jump shot. With a seemingly ridiculous wish of him making it to be the next endorser of Jump Man (Air Jordan shoes), sets us off to also jump for joy. Nevertheless, just being healthy, getting to enjoy his youth, being himself and his mere presence causes us to notionally bounce from cloud nine to the next; anticipating every development.

Right now, our jumping feet are off as Lucas is down with a fever. If it’s an occasion to further show how much we care for him; if it’s normal; if it’s an indication for us not to take things for granted and make the most of out of every aspect; if too many “ifs” or “what ifs” isn’t pessimistically regarded if only to strengthen our Faith more, then it’s another leap day.


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Ane Fallarme said...

My boy is growing up so fast... :'(