Monday, March 29, 2010

Written In My Palm

As if bound to commemorate Palm Sunday, with my right hand's pinky sustaining a fracture, my palm swelled passing more like a palm leaf than a hand. With my arm serving to be its trunk seemingly rooted, I can’t comfortably move nor do much with it. Its orthopedic cast can’t even be soaked thus moving about involving water (taking a bath most particularly) makes it like an initial atonement for the Holy Week.

My fracture is nothing compared to being crucified and all though; and it’s not like it will redeem the world. Making it uneasy are the itch I can’t scratch, holding some things with just three fingers, brushing my teeth with my left hand and wanting to be helpful still, I volunteered to wash the dishes with one hand. Contrary to how I got the injury, not getting any younger, I’ve also been jokingly taunted as a “wimp”. But then again, these are tolerable compared to the unbearable agony, however withstood, in self-sacrificing in order to save mankind. Nevertheless, it’s saving me. I’ve further realized how important every detail no matter how small. It’s not how small one thing is but how considerable is its purpose. Citing my little finger for instance, it balances how a hand will function. We may lose it and make tasks difficult but things are yet physically possible. Same goes for anything we value perhaps, losing it doesn’t mean it’s the end. Everything has a purpose and every occurrence has a reason. Even questionable matters transpiring as unfavorable to our plans could be the basis for us to realize how through our experiences, answers are provided for others. It likewise allows us to look at the brighter side of things even if we’re serving to be the subject as to why.

If through my injury, others will be more cautious in avoiding such preventable misfortune then my accident served a purpose. Others will likely be more conscious of their health and care for their bones’ needs so as not to be as brittle. If others will realize how fortunate they are not being such a “wimp”, they’ll probably be more careful not to be considered as one.

On the other hand, whatever happened to my hand may have timely occurred for Palm Sunday setting off the Holy Week and induce others to teasingly think of me as “what a wimp!” then it’s meant to be. This incident was bound to happen. Carrying out whatever purpose, wimp could actually mean the answer as it is Written In My Palm.

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