Friday, April 2, 2010

"Footprints In Boracay"

Declared as non-working holidays are the final days of the Holy Week. It is to commemorate how Our Savior manifested His being as such. Redeeming us all from our transgressions, the occasion to gratefully rejoice entreats us. Yet how are we to do that? How does the Lord want us to go about it? With the long weekend serving to be a respite from work exhaustion, quite a lot engage in worldly jubilation. Just when we were saved from our indiscretions, how ironic of us and revel still with the lack of good sense…

It’s expected for us to do so through prayers and sacrifices; that’s as far as the church is concerned. What is a 3-day renunciation of earthly desires compared to a year as their dispute beckons us to be as dutiful. As if prayers aren’t implored throughout other days and devotedly working for family’s bread-and-butter most of the time isn’t reparation enough, the rationale to celebrate life is yet questioned. It is but human for us including church elders to see the obvious but close our eyes to anyone’s heart’s intent.

While multitudes flock to popular destinations, the likes of these places are already associated with merriment as opposed to the occasion’s outlook. One priest during a mass condemned people spending the Holy Week in Boracay... Does the very-understanding-Lord’s own expectation of us actually a semblance with that of His Church’s human elders? Secluded as these leaders, their assumption could be as partial to how they have as well opted to sacrifice their self-rule. Answering their calling, they have studied and went through the course but Spiritually gifted with wisdom? Do some of them even judiciously think of The Lord’s sense of reasoning as basis for their point of view?

I beg for your understanding as the foregoing tends to question the concerned holy men. There are just some religious laws mandated by similarly humans that are seemingly judgmental. If these are thought of and implemented by such minds, isn’t these brains constrained as well to shut for open-mindedness? Or should their heart contemplate for them? If they start enacting religious laws as a resort to end wicked indulgence, is it a sign of their weakening faith? These are some reasons as to the deflection of members being sensitive to man’s doings at the expense of the church it embodies…

These are just a few of religious concerns not intended to question nor corroborate anyone’s belief. We just have to be responsible enough to know as devoted members of our religion that our faith rest in our God… as if working for a corporation, our loyalty remains with the company duly represented by the one truly behind every aspect of its foundation not with any co-employee for a superior however with acknowledgment still for the latter’s role… Unless they objectively substantiate their representation, allegiance ensues.

Speaking of vocation, after working hard for God’s Glory considering for whom and what it’s meant, responsibly celebrating life should be reasonable. Honoring how Jesus died for our sins comes about since His death was meant for the continued existence of mankind in the first place. We have gained life through His death. Its annual commemoration is a reminder for us to be thankful and repentant, thus we celebrate life for it is an opportunity to live in accordance with His will. Jesus doesn’t die every year for us to act as if we’re likewise mourning. Rightfully enjoying during this Lenten Season doesn’t mean we’re thoughtlessly forgetful of our faithfulness. Let us not be judgmental of people taking on their R & R during a time life is a reminder of God’s ultimate sacrifice. Let us pray and, like our Father God, have an enduring faith for enlightenment for those terribly irresponsible that do so. I believe God wants us to meaningfully live our life to the fullest with full understanding of how to live for others… 
Given the incalculability of our existence, as if it’s the last, every today is that moment. Given God’s Divine Presence, isn’t it possible for someone spending the Holy Week in Boracay to reflect on his and His “Footprints In The Sand”?

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