Saturday, April 17, 2010

Politically Inclined

In every election, we are to seat selected officials into public service. On top of it all (say the Presidential election), the top seat will be taken on by a new head. As ordinary citizens, we are all hoping if not assured of the realization of our patriotic hopes in line with the current promises of whoever would claim victory but not necessarily the confidence of a greater number.

The “democratic disadvantage” over our system is that too many candidates are allowed to run for the same position. Thus, winning is based on majority vote; however, the rest of the voting public combined who did not support such candidate outnumbers the winning votes. Unless it’s a landslide triumph, there are more people to convince still of the winner’s capacity to lead us. The bigger drawback is that most of these substantial number aren’t as supportive, treating the victor as the adversary, sourly substantiating themselves as the opposition. There is no unity. The biggest setback though is amongst all of us. The electorate’s inclination towards a certain political party (or a specific candidate) intensifies loyalty dictated by one-sided beliefs without consideration of the common good in every intention regardless of whose intent it is. Blinded by not being the party-in-the-position, they continue to discredit the seated one rather than work as a team or more than anything else, as united Filipinos. We become the critical “good guys” who seem to know everything without realizing it’s in criticizing we’re actually good at… From amongst friends in a simple drinking binge to a spontaneous conversation, we all have our “indisputable opinions”. Thus, we admit it or not, we are as political. Politicking is innate in most if not all of us.

However, there's a neutral ground...

These are realities. And it is through these actualities that make it all the more full of irony. Funny how we tend to think ill, more so speak negatively of politicians being too political when in fact we all are. May it be at work or any where perhaps, there’s politics going on. Either we’re into it or otherwise, we’re a part of it. Our involvement or non-intervention plays a significant part in all its political sense. Funnier still is how, because of this perception, other politicians or candidates market themselves as non-politicians (or at least not the traditional) but as “leaders”. Furthermore, they claim to be the answer to the problem. Most hysterical however, as if we aren’t the “smart” people that we assume we are, we now don’t know how it works as we get influenced. Either that or we are swept off our feet with the promise of tomorrow. Even if an elected official has the right formula for success if it does not egoistically sit well with us, the foreboding unsuccessful situation we could be in could as well be attributed to our lack of support.

We’re smarter than that or at least let us be. “If anyone of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone…” as the biblical message goes, similar to how we could be judgmental of a candidate’s failings given the nature of condemnation most of them are seemingly (or desperately) accustomed to in dishonoring their political rivals (or even the latter’s party). Talk about honor… While in defense, no candidate will confirm his unacceptable misdeed without justifying or worst lying about it. And after demeaning each other, wouldn’t they be using each other? “Jump ship” possibly for whatever political plans? They could as well be using the machinery of the party for their own agenda but are they actually supportive of their party or party mates for that matter over their friends (true or useful) at the other side? Correspondingly, there are the subtle kinds of schemes for a political campaign seemingly projecting nothing but positivity yet the sincerity behind it?

These are just few instances wherein we could actually realize how it is in politics but then again, we know that already. Right? After all, we are politically inclined. For all we know, we could resort to such exploit under a political scenario, public or private.

Unless an official isn’t REALLY deserving of our trust due to an evident indiscretion, let us not be too sensitive and overly disapproving of issues we could possibly be cunningly swayed into believing. Remember, it’s no different from being understanding and accepting still of loved ones despite their imperfections; same goes on how we’re accepted back regardless of our own shortcomings. No matter who is seated, there will always be the critic in all of us. Are we acting the same way towards the head in our respective work places or families perhaps? How do we go about it while maintaining cordiality for the sought after diplomacy?

With how politicians and candidates are and how we realize our similarities, let our differences be a reason for tolerance… No one’s perfect but it is through limitations that we learn to not just strive but how to position ourselves (for success)... That said; let us be suitably sensible yet realistic in choosing one who’ll well-represent our common aspiration WITH our substantial contribution. If none, file for your candidacy!

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