Tuesday, April 6, 2010


With my wife and two kids scheduled to go down to Manila early today, I kept on reminding my wife of possible occurrences in need of extra heedfulness. How seemingly calculating of me as well to ask my wife to text me every now-and-then if only to inform me of their whereabouts for the duration of their approximately 6-hour trip.

Though I was on sick leave, I have to go to work for some pressing issues. Consequently, I wasn’t able to see them off. The only consolation for a worry-free waiting while working would have been text messages as confirmation of their travel status. However, I didn’t receive any. I was concerned of their well-being to the point I can’t fully focus on whatever I was doing. Close to being worried-sick, I thought I was suffering from a separation anxiety disorder.

It’s a different case when I’m the one traveling. This time, the thought of their vulnerability in a place they’re not too familiar with gave me apprehensions. After quite a while, a call from my wife confirmed their safe arrival. That somehow eased my almost 8-hour edginess.

Though the silence here at home from my children’s liveliness seems deafening. And the sight of an empty bed for their trampoline shows me images of their bounciness. I miss them.

Fact of the matter is that the moment they were yet to travel had me missing them already. Whatever I felt, it wasn’t Separation Anxiety Disorder after all. This psychological condition’s initial letters confirm what I feel though – SAD.

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Ane said...

Aww, they miss you too.. :) Lucas keeps saying Daddy and B.. :D LOL We miss you so much..