Monday, April 26, 2010

To Each His Own

“No man is an island” is an idiom that means people essentially depend on one another as much as people live for others. I suppose even one’s self-centered tendency expresses some point on how such selfishness allows others who are not to realize their windfall for not being one. But if such egotism influences others to rather be the same, it exemplifies how “no man is an island” should rather be responsibly considered. Other people live their lives with the thought that living it their way without regard for what others will feel as it is their life anyway clearly substantiates their naivety on social responsibility or social relation if I may say so. If self-expression is the reason then do it privately if the only purpose is to assert it for your own satisfaction in the first place. However, if publicly addressed, expect people’s individuality not to uncompromisingly conform with your thoughts as well. Being defensive of criticisms further manifests your egocentricity. How ironic it is for this kind of people to get unconstructively affected by how others react to their self-absorbed nature when the reaction could as well be the other party’s manifestation of being self-expressive.

Even if it’s through song, painting, poetry, article, blog or what have you, what is conveyed would elicit varied reactions from a diverse audience. Unfortunately, quite a lot make use of these mediums to insensitively communicate their self-expression not to mention “over share”. Fact of the matter is that people are entitled to their own opinion as much as characterized by free will. The more significant truth though remains that we have to be responsible in conveying our sentiments (even actions) if only to be considerate of other’s way of thinking. Secondly, it’s likewise respectful of one’s self considering the emancipation from off-putting judgment of which (as abovementioned) egotistical people seem to have difficulty accepting.

Sincerity is one thing; a dignified value in fact. Yet, one’s transparency doesn’t have to be precariously divulged at the expense of anyone’s feelings including your own. Should your open thoughts draw out pessimistic comments, either take it constructively or just be impassive by it as you were perhaps equally unmindful in imparting your message. Classic example of this is how well-known people react to speculative rumors or unpromising criticisms thrown at them. Initially hearing about it, most likely they’re all infuriated and invective but in going public to clear their names, they’ll in all probability be defensively composed - in appealing for understanding, yet in denial, in being heedless about it or however it will be in accordance with a practical approach. They could just ignore the whole thing but their clout on others could be too influential to disregard. It’s a principle that one should play a role for the wellbeing of others and not be solely devoted to one’s personal gain. It’s a responsibility among fellowmen as a commitment and a fitting recognition that indeed no man is an island.

Nevertheless, if one is as proud and stubbornly selfish, let it be for others’ realization of such negativity that’s not worth emulating. In as much as we dislike and disapprove such self-regarding attitude and hope for its enlightenment, to each his own…


Ane said...

If you can't say anything nice, why say it at all? If you don't like the contents of one person's blog or whatever, then why bother going to it and reading its contents in the first place?

People should learn how to respect other people's point of views, even if it's not the same as theirs..

But really, if you don't have anything nice to say, just shut up. No one likes to hear anything negative about them, that's human nature.

rommel fallarme said...

There you go... I rest my case... Thank you for the substantiation though.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.

Anonymous said...


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Ane said...

Hi Peter,

I am writing in behalf of my husband. Yes you may, just be sure to provide the necessary link back to the URL of the post as well as the homepage of this blog.

Thanks for the interest and I can't wait to read your post. :)