Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers' Day Today and Tomorrow and the day after that and...

Today we celebrate Fathers’ Day. Now that the celebration is likewise intended for me having two kids of my own, certain still is that I’m also a son. In relation to the occasion, I was a son to my father whom I (still) look up to and to whom I have somehow patterned my fatherhood approach.

Fatherhood actually depends on one’s distinct method. It is from these means that fathers are measured up by their children as to how they are as a father. The partiality behind it though is that in such gauging process, considering we normally have one father, comparison is based between one’s own and that of other children’s father. Thus, the probable claim “My Dad’s the best father” of one child will always be disputable… as much as rather than argue with one’s parenting style, regard the difference instead even if only for realization to set in for both father and child as to the idiosyncrasies and exclusive circumstance of their relationship. Recognizing how these disparities could work for them make their rapport all the more distinctive. Circumstances allow for either adapting or developing what’s there for us to decide on. Decision, after all, is something to be acted on with conviction like that of how a father would do.

My father would have decided to celebrate today’s occasion with so much anticipation as it’s just an annual commemoration. The rest of the year is “Mothers’ Day” (LOL). Or for us fathers, except for today, everyday is our “Wife’s Day” (LOLouder)“In our household, I AM THE LAW!!! Though my wife amends the law if not the law breaker” (LOL still).

Kidding aside, Fathers’ Day is actually every day; it could however be more appropriate to identify it as “Children’s Day” or perhaps “Family Day” (with due deference to actual dates)… We are fathers because of our children… because of the family we lead – everyday.

YES! This way, fathers will be reminded daily of the responsibility behind their roles… May we be real Dads or Stepfathers, biological or surrogate, with similar or diverse styles, more than a commitment, it’s a privilege.



GAGAY said...

hello chakai and lucas!!!

sooo cutie pic you two there!

GAGAY said...

happy father's day kuya rommel!!!

kindly send my best regards to te ane!

happy blogging!

Ane said...

Happy Father's Day B.. :)