Sunday, July 18, 2010

Way to Find It

A trip to the bank as the saying goes connotes satisfaction as it means cashing in. I recently went to a bank but to rather settle an obligation. Still glad though as I still have the finances to clear dues.

Affiliation aside, I thought I’d try to go through the standard process if only to prove how their customer service corresponds with their catchphrase. Their slogan seems to be suggestive of getting things done with whatever means just when things are seemingly inaccessible, so they say.

Implying that they find ways, I wonder if it holds true in rendering service in an appropriate manner. Does dealing with customers a part of finding ways on how every transaction would be as contentedly attainable?

As if rooted on the ground having to stand for quite a while wasn’t wearing enough, the long queue likewise made it all the more uneasy. For a big company, there were no queue numbers for should’ve-been (or preferably) seated clients. The number of clientele might have outnumbered their manpower; that’s alright as much as understandable. But they should have been more unwearied even if only to put on a smile. If they were tired, I supposed, so were the lined-up customers waiting to be called by the seated bank personnel. And it was the customers who were made to wait while they excused themselves to get each a nibble of a probably mouth-watering treat. While we get to wonder what that probable indulgence you were chewing on was that seemed tempting indeed to make us wait further, I thought how it would be fair if we could also leave our line for just a moment without further getting deferred even if just to munch on something to ease such draining process…

Pleasantly achieving the goal is reliant on the manner by which it was accomplished. Results however aren’t entirely dependent on how it’s aimed at. I say, they were more of just getting it done. With due deference, they were true to their saying. The munching and all could have been a way of forgoing their snack breaks just so to accommodate us. Or most likely confirm how they find a way… All the same, it would be better though if rather they show the way.

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