Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Enjoy Your Shopping!": A Never Ending Story

“Worth it” is what makes shopping considerably inviting. Shopping should be worth the trip; worth the expense; worth the merchandise; worth the experience; worthy of a smile and worthy to be told…

One thing every selling personnel should understand is that the whole shopping experience for customers starts from the moment they thought of buying something from a shop. Their expectation of satisfaction begins even before making a purchase; even before hearing those shopping attendant’s uttered welcome greeting “Good morning Sir/Ma’am, enjoy your shopping!” Therefore at a store’s end, they should have a mindset that their goods and services live up to its general idea as feel-good items and moments. More so, their role is to ensure that such experience will be carried out satisfyingly. With that as a selling point, every customer’s day of shopping with them will start off with excitement and anticipation. Thus, selling personnel have to feel the same enthusiasm in making sure that customers’ eagerness is all worth it.

Creating in your mind the idea of how customers (like anyone among us) could have even been sleepless or could have eagerly woke up early due to excitement for that much anticipated shopping galore (or a yearned-for item)… Or from that of the service-provider’s end, treating customers accordingly is when they give consideration for every possibility of what customers might have been through. Whatever it was, at the end of the day, you want them to feel that their experience with you made it all worthwhile. The least thing from what you wouldn’t want to happen is to cut short a customer’s excitement over a disappointing service. The fun over having a newly purchased item (or probably the thrill over buying that item) getting spoiled is like having that supposed warmth put out with wet blanket; this immerses both parties. On the other hand, with a customer’s ardor getting doused early on by some untoward incident on his way to a shop perhaps, it would be encouraging should it be satiated by what would be offered topped by quality
customer service

Keenness will likewise play a big role. Your sensitivity to their wants and even their likely needs will give you the opportunity to further get to them. Stories about customers of different personalities will not just be limited amongst employees. Tales of how one customer’s shopping experience with you turned out to be a happy story will unfold as well. Rather than a happy ending, chapter after chapter will ensue. Eventually, more than a word of mouth, more and more customers will portray their roles as narrators of this never ending story of enjoyable shopping.

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