Sunday, November 7, 2010

Marketing 143

Marketing is a conscious effort to establish reciprocal advantage subsequent to a sustainable patronage. The awareness factor is a manifestation of one’s seriousness for such trade. The mutually beneficial aspect is rather aimed at expressing impartiality. Jointly put into effect, it initiates realization for growth.

Academic as it may sound; one does not have to get into formal learning for marketing adeptness. Come to think of it, at an early age, we already make an effort to market ourselves if only to gain a want or a need; for instance, bargaining ensues between parent and child for (say) good school grades.

Citing a more cognizant state, same thing transpires during courtship. A young man (marketer) would most probably “sell” himself (PR) to the girl (as his target market or for partnership); whereas girls, in a most likely circumstance, would actually put on a more mindful effort to look attractive (that’s visual merchandising). Looking good for both parties is an elemental initial pulling factor (teaser/advertising). In the stage of “getting to know each other” (that would be the transaction part in marketing), identifying what works to somehow achieve a tinge of hope is the first step. Should there be rival suitors (competitors), how would you charm your way with whatever edge you have that would advance you over the others? This could be tricky depending on the extent of your approach as it could either make or break. Like so, fair-and-square’s actual shape is molded by your well-roundedness circling with infinite possibilities (that’s in acknowledgment of need for change). Changes or transformations brought about by what was identified that could work for both are even consummated for “better packaging” or for substantiation (that’s Research and Development). And in the process, with sincerity for the feelings involved as a vital component in a courtship, longing and working for that expected union for a shared gain markets your “business” to be in-love. On the other hand, with the thought of just wanting to personally gain out of such partnership, that’s business without marketing. In simpler terms, if a suitor (marketer) does it because he wants the girl (customer or business partner) for himself to somehow elevate his status or for whatever selfish reward, that’s business. Alternatively, if he does by offering himself (QCS) for that girl for a mutually valuable reciprocation, that’s marketing. If the girl, realizes your self-centered motive, most likely would be the loss of TRUST - one of the most essential factor for any (business or personal) relationship’s sustainability. Hence, business differs from marketing, business needs marketing.

Thus, even before we learn about business, marketing is already apparent. Accordingly, learning about one’s business with its particular (or target) market, we get to ascertain how to market it. This way, we get to establish how to rightfully do business.

Along these lines, before the basics of Marketing 101, let’s get to the bottom and deeper understanding how marketing should be – Marketing 143!

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