Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pacquiao 8 Margarito

As free-flowing as the number 8, Manny Pacquiao fatefully (make that f-8-fully) claimed his world record feat of being the only boxer to have won 8 world boxing titles in likewise 8 different divisions. And 8’s quite, err, it’s quite matching that he did it as the new elected Congressman of his hometown. 8 (as validated by their official car plate number) is a Congressman’s number.

In the ring, defensively side-stepping as if motioning “8” through body language, Pacquiao quickly waltzed a defensive move while capitalizing on every opening his gloves could penetr-8. At the expense of a taller and heavier Mexican Antonio Margarito, Pacquiao domin-8-ed all throughout the fight. As if living up to his name “pakyaw” (a Filipino term) which means all-encompassing. His control was definitely large-scale given the David-and-Goliath aspect with his persona being the former. The Goliath in Margarito was rather down-scaled. However, he looked bigger with his face badly puffed-up; he could as well be referred to as Maga-rito which means “Swollen here”. The physical odds have been reversed, “small stood taller than big” yet results have shaped a fitting figure – 8. True enough, “8”, even though upturned is still 8.

Speaking of overturned, before the fight, Pacquiao may have inadvertently worn his headband upside-down with the evident inverted Nike Swoosh Logo but seemed to have rectified such blunder by making sure still of its said sponsor’s glory by further embedding its mark through Margarito’s Pacman-inflicted wound resembling a correctly-positioned Swoosh label. Point is, like “8” though on its head yet with its identity, Nike will be Nike as much as Pacquiao is Pacquiao… 

Still on reversal, it’s in the morning that we’re normally up-and-about; we’re asleep by night. On the contrary, AM (Antonio Margarito) was overshadowed by PM (Pacquiao, Manny).

Before 9, there’s 8. Pacquiao is an 8 letter word compared to 9 of Margarito. Pacquiao’s coach, Freddie Roach expressed a probable 8th round knockout… Such confidence from someone from whom such predictions have high probability could have pressured Margarito to make it before the 8th round. Yes, before 8 is 7, and prior to the fight, Margarito may have been psyched-out as well by the mere clout of Pacquiao’s 7 titles… Was he overwhelmed with fear? With good reason, “seven 8 (ate) nine”…
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