Sunday, January 2, 2011


1 – Happy New Year!
Another 1 – Who knows if we really have just 1 year left?
1 more thing – There’s 1 convincing point as to 2011’s onset having too many 1s – 1-1-11
It could be a prequel to 2012 the movie where such year was depicted to be the end of the world. Timely as it is, it’s the New Year we’re currently celebrating representing new beginning. Positively, what better way to instigate any inception but with that of something depictive of “number 1”…

2011, as it is, has 2 1s. Thus, it’s indicative of preference. Either you become the 1 or just another 1. Not that anyone has to be the best at whatever it is that’s aimed for but at least be driven by hope amidst challenges to somehow achieve progress.
Under the circumstance, we are given opportunities as to how we are to make do of developmental possibilities before the unpredictable doomsday. In going through it, we are as well given options on how we are to go about it. Fittingly, as hinted earlier, 2011 is about having 2 choices between the good 1 and the other 1. Speaking of which, I myself is inclined to weigh my options.
Before it’s “doomsday too late”, I thought it would only be fair to manifest audacity and somehow cross the threshold of another opening. 2010 has been a challenging year. An unrelenting test still that has caused lack of vitality in me; not to mention the hindrance for an essential change as the main culprit… Now however, variation is apparent.
Too many 1s… Recharging the natural cheerful person in me is 1. Thus, bringing out the “cheerleader” in me as a complementing factor is another 1. Starting off with 1’s alphabet counterpart, at the top of your lungs, ready, here goes – “Give me an A! Yell A!”
That’s “A” variation alright. “A”dditionally, it sounds more like “A” destination… Perhaps, it’s “A” better place to be?
Well, 1 – I’m hopeful…
Plus another 1 – It’s how I’ll make it if ever…
And 1 more thing – It’s yet to be determined this 2011…

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