Sunday, January 30, 2011


Off-ih-you-cuss. That’s how it’s verbally pronounced. Just like anyone drawn into the whole brouhaha of the coming-into-picture of this 13th Zodiac sign, I also wondered of its pronunciation. I’m not much into horoscopes; it’s just that with the adjustment, or “progressing sign” should I say, I’m now an Ophiuchus. I used to be a Sagittarius. A progression? A good sign?
Most of the people I’ve conversed with regarding the change of their signs aren’t so inclined into being their “new them”. I guess, with those who seemed to have relied too much on (say) marrying their spouses based on their “astrological compatibility” are now worried of “falling stars” or perhaps “seeing stars”.

Who we are isn’t exactly the same as what we are. Just because you fall under the sign of Taurus doesn’t mean you possess a raging-like quality similar to that of a bull. While it’s quite fascinating to note that horoscopes most often than not are appealingly accurate, it serves to inspire rather than oblige you to do as suggested. Yes, stars have been a substantial entity as guide (i.e., wishing star; more so the Star that led the Three Kings to where Jesus was born; and even so, star struck as we are, we get hooked with celebrated stars’ lifestyle). Nevertheless, I say the real stars that deserve the credit for who we have become are those responsible for our upbringing.

Timely as it seemed, upon finding out of my new sign with its entire positive attributes, my variable frame of mind then triggered contemplation on some probable life-changing developments. It somehow incited me further to give a free rein to the Ophiuchus-in-me of whom achieving a high position in life is expected. It seemed to have manifested its being a sign. Was it? 

As to how its qualities are pronounced for a fitting reference, it’s not how my path will be addressed as an Ophiuchus but how as an Ophiuchus will I address my direction.


GAGAY said...


GAGAY said...

the emergence of Ophiucus made me puzzled if i'd go for the new astrology or just stay with the old.. :(

Anonymous said...

Not true anymore