Sunday, March 6, 2011

Barking at the Right Tree

Is it coincidental or is it fitting that prevention month for Rabies and that of Fire is concurrent with Women’s Month this March? One suspected basis could be that to avoid a biting discomfort-causing flaming dispute, avoid getting in conflict with and bitten by a bitch (LOL).
Ok that’s not entirely true; I made that up but…
But? Yes, while the International Women’s Month is a celebration focused on appreciation towards women for every possible related aspect, it’s not supposed to stir gender bias. It’s an occasion for men to dedicatedly convey their love for women. Yet, it’s also a seeming instance for women to expect for it, thus such expression from men are rather reserved for special occasions such as this.
Celebrations like this are supposed to be some sort of a chance to be thankful. For even gaining the credentials to be commemorated among celebrators is what’s really worth remembering. My point exactly: One doesn’t celebrate her some sort of contribution to humanity because of the accolades she’ll get. Or a simpler case in point: We don’t celebrate our birthdays just because of the presents we’ll receive; the best gift we should be thankful for is life itself as an opportunity to live it with fulfillment…
There’s not much of a drawback for men to show their appreciation and love but it would only be fair if it’s done as if every day is Women’s Day. On the other hand, it would as well be tolerable if, for all it’s worth, women don’t expect anything in return… What’s more discomforting is when it’s silently yet obviously demanded through the “are you not forgetting something” kind of cold treatment if not that of a fiery stipulation. And if men forget, it’s an insensitive likelihood to unleash a rabid consequence…
Each has a role towards the other. The Women’s Month (or Day) celebration bestowed for women is an affirmation of their invaluable role and distinction. Men will have their time on November 19 (International Men’s Day). As for now, let’s celebrate the complementing difference – it’s what keeps the passion on fire. However you look at it, it’s a burning sensation.
To the "bitches" that bite our heads off with good reason; to the women who light our fire as well as douse our “inferno” – Flowers? - Chocolates? - uhmm Dine out? - Steaks? - Or fishballs? - Dog food? - Ok ok this isn’t hard – Thank you! And Happy Women’s Month! ARF ARF!!!

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