Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dady Loko

Looking for a XXXL size diaper for my 3-year old son, I’ve realized that he is already big to still be using a diaper. Right there I thought the non-existence of such size means the “no-kid-as-big-as-that-could-still-be-using-one” probability (thus why even produce what would not sell thought the manufacturer perhaps)…

Before he totally outgrows his current XXL-size for a baby diaper, he needs to learn how to practically answer those kinds of nature call. Practical it would be indeed as it will spare me of further expenditure. Though his Mamy Poko brand for a diaper could be proven to be more practicable as it lasts longer, still, the convenient non-use of it is rather preferred. Don’t get me wrong with my choice on trying to be cost-effective. It’s just that there may be a more inexpensive brand that could be as useful but causes diaper rash.

We’ve been prodding him on how to use his potty trainer instead but to no avail. I’ve also shown him how to “manly” pee but only elicits amusement as he points at and likens my thing to an elephant (LOL)

Forcing him to rather not wear diapers anymore at any adverse rate is out of the question. I believe he will eventually learn; but until when? Should we rather have him wear normal underpants, the need to be patient in cleaning up “the mess” would have to be acted on. And double the patience in reminding and showing him the normal way of “waste management”.

Our first child wasn’t as difficult to train. She started potty training before she even reached 2. As if that wasn’t easy enough, she was simply more suited for the cheaper brand of a diaper. Lucas isn’t as easy. I just hope that such manifestation is a tendency to not coarsely urinate anywhere else as accessibly normal among men. I don’t want him marking his territory that way.

The idea of your child still wearing diapers at the age of “thought to be old or big enough” bothers most of us. However for what reason? If it’s about extra outlay, like in my case as above-mentioned, it’s a reasonable convenience. If it’s about impatience for the “nasty chore”, it’s somehow a self-absorbed basis. But then again, to whom is our being absorbent due? The absorbing capacity of diapers should be a semblance of how tolerant we should be if only to selflessly ensure the convenience of a dependent loved one. Thus, it’s also likelihood for an absorbing bond through a learning process. The time will come when they’re independent enough to be even removing someone else’s underwear – if you catch my drift – Now try absorbing that… Cherish every remaining time you know you’re capable still of spending with them.

With the fast times nowadays and the compelling minutes at work, slightly would you notice that some precious moment has already passed.

As of this cherished moment, I may want my son’s “elephant” free from suffocation and soaked from an offensive stench but I will not rush my kids into growing up awkwardly. If I were a diaper, I’m Dady Loko: No “Diaper Rush”

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