Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ready or Not

With the recent and successive nature-caused blows seemingly harking back at every part of the globe as its groans of resentment, Mother Earth appears to be collecting dues. Yesterday, in observance of the Earth Hour, support and participation of a majority were an hour of some energy-saving measure. Jointly, it’s a big contribution. Compared to the collective damage she has endured all throughout however, it’s small. 

Controlled by The Most High, will she be as forgiving? In general, we have been preoccupied by our own business to the point of having neglected our responsibilities to care for our home in Mother Earth. Assuming to be accepting of our shortcomings, how are we to take the dues should her charging escalate?

If Japan’s deemed readiness with its technological advancements didn’t quite hold on, the concern is how it would be among the less ready.

With the series of unexpected alarming natural calamities and under the contemplation of eventually experiencing the same, it’s correspondingly normal for preparedness to step in. Although, what are we preparing for? I found it atypical for some business-minded to wonder how groceries are raking up whereas clothing aren’t when a discussion over the meager sales of the latter were pointed out. Duh?! Their concern is yet “earthly” if I may say… In spite of this, there are those who are still clouded by their self-absorbed insights amidst an opposing established reality. Clothing may be a necessity but not as essential as food. From our priority list perhaps, just what are we to stock up on if ever? Though notwithstanding the sign of trepidation through panic buying, an important thing to remember as it has always been said is that ‘Don’t Panic’... Then, (other than edible commodities, flashlights, batteries, first aid kit/medicines, et al.) I suppose the first thing we have to supply ourselves with is presence of mind. Common sense is what will gain us logic as to the right thing to do at the onset of any urgent situation.

At work, while we recently felt the urge to come up with emergency programs and teams for it, we have encouraged our staff to be as sensible during such times. Aside from the aforesaid basic emergency necessities for a better chance on continuity, we likewise familiarized them on appropriate protocol under these critical circumstances. While all of the above-mentioned are elemental factors for survival, it’s indeed some evacuation plan to somehow elude the end. What if it is really the end? Would what we have prepared for really matter? You may have a flashlight but is it enlightening? Will your batteries last ‘til eternity? Will your medicine heal your losses and pain? Will your nourishment be as healthful and helpful as “The Heavenly Feast"?

More so, other nagging self-righteous questions we throw on others as if we don’t contribute to the Earth’s diminishing. We question the ability of our leaders’ preparations on these unlikely eventualities as if we’re merely dependent of every answer to their disposal. Are we to judge and be adjudged? Have we lost our Faith? Have we lost the meaning of life? Do we neglect to be ready? And so goes the list…The more important question on what is to be truly prepared for comes knocking… perhaps through tremors that could bring down our doors. What if it’s a body of water seeping through before knocking it down…? If it’s not a surprised visit, Mother Earth’s wrath could come knocking… “Ready? Or not, here I come…”

“Wait! Wait! I’m not ready…”

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