Thursday, March 3, 2011


It’s neither positive nor negative…

But if it’s a score out of at least a few, it’s negative. If it’s a result out of something that’s supposed to be consumed or dissolved however, then it’s positive. Thus zero could mean good or bad depending on what it’s tallied for. Age-wise, zero could perhaps be marked when one hasn’t reached the age of one or hasn’t completed a full year commemorated on his/her birthday.

My son was born on a leap day 3 years ago. Technically, commemoration of his 1st birthday on its actual day would be next year. When asked how old he is, he responds with “zero”. By some means, he could be likened to zero. He is endearing yet he could be bothersome as expected of his age. Age? But then again, he’s “zero”… Exactly! He’s both delightful and demanding though his being “zero” is “him” being even and not odd; in the same way how exacting he could get nevertheless he is still some treat for an amusement.

As he grows, his interest varies. He’s now into wearing my cowboy hat and boots. And he makes sure that he sleeps with the cowboy hat beside him. When I asked him to pick a toy from Toy Kingdom, after much deliberation I supposed and calculatingly selecting toys of his own picking, it was the cheap plastic sword that he “commanded” me to immediately pay for.

From zero to hero, he puts on these items with a cape. Caped Crusader? Hero indeed as he has power over my sanity.

Happy Birthday Zero! My Hero... My boy!


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Ane said...

you mean MY boy! :D

I love your post B.. :)

rommel fallarme said...

Thanks Gagay!!

rjs mama said...

awww, so cute! droppin' by from your wifey's blog :)

my soltero baby

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Thanks rjs mama & welcome to S.O.S. (